Frugal Mommy: Meghan creams Baby Archie with 5 Euro cream

Duchess Meghan (37) is as normal as any other mother in some ways. For her choice of jewelry and outfit at public events, the former actress often harvested Häme – her style was usually quite expensive. Last Wednesday, at a polo match, 37-year-old Baby Archie's baby-skier proved her sense of the economy: Her offspring, Meghan, received sunscreen at the very ordinary pharmacy!

The paparazzi photos of the Berkshire sporting event, in which Prince Harry (34) took part, show how the two duchesses Kate (37) and Meghan spend the day with their children. In addition, snapshots show a bottle of Nivea brand sunscreen, which apparently belongs to the star of the ex-suit. You have to pay five euros for this brand in British pharmacies – no trace of high-end products to protect Söhnchen Archie from UV rays.

But Meghan does not always pay as much attention as with this sunscreen: For example, the Duchess' s luxurious Babyshower allegedly swallowed 333,000 euros and the renovation of her Frogmore Cottage home – including the crib – cost 2.6 million euros.

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Prince George, Archie Harrison and Duchess Meghan
Duchess Meghan and Archie Harrison July 10, 2019Splash news

Duchess Meghan and Archie Harrison July 10, 2019
The Duchess Meghan in February 2019MEGA / James Whatling

The Duchess Meghan in February 2019

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