Cough and cold in summer – what are the remedies for summer flu?

Especially annoying in summer: A cold is not uncommon, even in hot weather, because heat increases viral activity. But how can we protect ourselves from the summer flu?

The cold often occurs in many people, even during the hot season. "Summer flu" is a familiar term without medical definition. The disease is triggered by a number of pathogens. "These viruses have nothing to do with the real flu, the flu," says Georg Pauli of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. "Although some symptoms are comparable to high fever, cough or hoarseness, the causes are very different viruses, the real flu is often much more difficult.

What causes summer flu?
The causes of summer flu are the same as in the cold: it is an infection with viruses that occurs mostly in the summer. When people are overcrowded – for example, during summer festivals, in an outdoor pool, during sales, by bus or by plane – viruses have a particularly short course: they are infected when they cough. , speak or sneeze of their kind.

If a heated and sweaty body is subjected to excessive traction in the summer, for example from an open car window or air conditioning, the mucous membranes dry out and therefore can no longer properly perform their function of "shield protective". This facilitates the penetration of viruses into the body and causes summer flu.

In addition to cold symptoms, fever, chills, headache, ear and throat pain, vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain are common. Viruses can affect all the body's mucous membranes, says the State Medical Association.

What helps with summer flu?

Countermeasures can be taken, among other things, through a healthy diet and exercise. What matters is the frequency, not the intensity. This means that it's better to run every other day than to train hard at the gym once a week.

Summer flu is usually safe and will be overcome after a few days. Physical rest, sufficient consumption of fluids with cold drinks and, in case of fever, cold calf compresses contribute to rapid recovery. If symptoms persist for more than three days, consult a doctor.