Bülach: "Constant overload makes you sick" –

"My mother has been lost several times," says one of the women present. "My husband has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for five years," added another. Although a third participant does not have any sick person in the family, she wants to know more about the subject.

Later, a Red Cross assistant will be added who will have a job in the treatment of people with dementia. She talks about her daily life and the challenges of treating affected patients. In a short time, an animated exchange occurs, visitors openly talk about their experiences, their worries and their fears.

Wanted audience

The discussions on generalized dementia take place on Tuesday afternoon at the Storchen bistro in the old town of Bülach. "We deliberately meet in a public place and not in a retirement home or a parish house," says Astrid Hartmann, volunteer at Alzheimer Zurich and head of the Bülacher Alzheimer's Café, "because we want to integrate these people into the community. everyday life. "

Many people whose spouses have dementia would no longer dare to go somewhere together. Because often the affected people develop stimulating behavior and therefore start in the society.

Relief is needed

Four people take part in the second Bülach Alzheimer's café. At the beginning of the event, Bea Gfeller of the Alzheimer Zurich organization explained how important it is for caregivers to be relieved. "As the disease progresses, the pressure increases," she says. Therefore, it does not go without breaks. "Constant overload makes you sick," warns Gfeller.

Dementia is diagnosed in about 151,000 people in Switzerland and about 25,000 in the canton of Zurich. Dementia is a brain disease characterized by progressive memory loss. There is no treatment until today. Most patients live at home and are cared for by their partner or their children. Nevertheless, families have to finance the landfill themselves.

"The more the disease progresses, the more the burden increases."Bea Gfeller

"An unpleasant chapter," says Gfeller. Alzheimer Zurich offers its own emergency service and a week's holiday twice a year for those affected and their loved ones. In addition, there are offers from the Relief Service Switzerland Association and private companies. Even neighbors or their own children or grandchildren are eligible for temporary home replacement. "It's just important to accept this help," advises Gfeller.

Music and conversation

In addition to a presentation, the Alzheimer's café always includes a deposit with live music. This time, the director Astrid Hartmann herself is responsible for the musical accompaniment. The piece "Die Moldau", which she plays on her Veeh harp, is thanked by applause. Then it's time to talk. Astrid Hartmann also brought board games. But it is also possible that someone sits there and, for example, solves a puzzle.

Originally, the idea of ​​Alzheimer's coffees came from Holland. In the canton of Zurich, it also gives Schlieren and Affoltern. Other locations could be added. In Bülach, meetings are always held on the first Tuesday of the month from 14h to 16h30 at Bistro Storchen. Only in August, the summer holidays.

On September 3rd, on the occasion of the next Alzheimer's café, the municipal police Bülach was invited to give the opening speech.

Created: 10.07.2019, 17:00 hours