Brow Pinching is the latest beauty trend

Always those stupid wrinkles: No matter what you do and what you do, the skin does not want to be pulled too much. Especially if you like us laugh! But Botox? No, it does not put us in the skin.

Fortunately, the anti-aging research does not sleep well – and has discovered a new, old-fashioned method that will help you look younger and fresher. The eyebrow pinch is the beauty trend that has long been part of Ayurvedic practice and has now been rediscovered. Yay!

Instead of Botox: it's behind the latest trend of beauty called Brow Pinching

You guessed it: the pinching of the eyebrows takes place around the eyebrows. But even if the term "pinch" suggests it wrongly, it does not hurt at all! On the contrary, the beauty trend is a kind of eyebrow massage that relaxes well.

The thumb and forefinger are placed under and on the eyebrow and the eyebrow is slightly compressed. Then, the fingers move a little further and pressure is applied again – to the end of the eyebrow.

The beautiful (Sparf├╝chse pricks ears!): The fact that no other help is needed, you can easily do it yourself – without spending a dime. Tense skin, full of purses!

Where does the anti-aging effect come from?

You're probably still a little skeptical, right? After all, the beauty trend seems too simple to be true. But the anti-aging effect is quite simple: the massage stimulates the blood circulation, which helps to eliminate the deposits of toxins around the eyes. As a result, the texture of the skin is improved and gives an even complexion and a well balanced complexion. It also stimulates the production of collagen, which fills small wrinkles, while reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

And: the pinching of the eyebrows can do more than fight against aging

If you are still not convinced (which is extremely unlikely, considering that the beauty trend has only advantages and not disadvantages), the pinch of the eyebrow is even better: Far from the anti-aging, the Ayurvedic method has even more good. Effects on your body:

The massage (how many massages do it) helps you really relax after a long day – after only ten minutes. But not only that – it also provides energy and revitalizes, so after that you're Zen, but you're still fit to dance all night long.

So try it! Because there is no mistake in the beauty trend. Nothing can be done badly and you can only win – tense skin, relaxation, energy – or all-in-one!

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