Weight loss plan in 12 weeks with protein diet

Protein shakes have long been popular among athletes as they are useful for building muscle. But can you lose weight effectively with protein shakes? A 12-week plan could be the first step in the right direction.

Every year, when the summer announces with sunny, warm days, the urge for a perfect body manifests itself again. But how do you do not lose discipline? It depends on the right energy balance.

In the dream figure with protein shakes

The use of egg shake facilitates the transition to the dream silhouette and can simplify the daily diet. Protein shakes contain concentrated nutrients and have a satiating effect, reducing the risk of cravings. Protein shakes are an alternative to sweet snacks. As a result, fewer carbohydrates and fats are absorbed and the body is nourished with larger nutrients, such as protein and fiber.

Why does the body need protein?

Balanced diet

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Low carb diets and protein shakes are very popular. Nevertheless, there is uncertainty about how much protein to take and when.

The key is your own energy balance

The energy balance is the ratio between the energy consumed by the food and the energy actually "spent", such as physical activity, exercise or breathing.

A positive energy balance or a surplus of calories is when we consume more energy each day than we consume. If we consume less energy than we consume, it makes sense to talk about negative energy balance or caloric deficit.

From excess to deficit

An excess of calories causes our body to store excess calories (energy) as fat deposits in the body. A calorie deficit, however, leads to the opposite. Now stored in the form of fat energy, it is broken down and burned, so that the muscles and metabolism can be supplied with sufficient energy, even during the energy deficit phase. The first step after the holidays is clear: move from caloric surplus to calorie deficit.

The simplest way to achieve a caloric deficit by physiologically and physically converting biscuits, raclette & Co. to a training-based diet, in combination with cardio and bodybuilding, so that the oxidation of fatty acids increases and that the body "burns" more and more the grease of the deposit. This only works if the body is not permanently energized very quickly through the diet (carbohydrates).

Easy calorie deficit

Fortunately, to save calories, we do not have to give up everything that is delicious. Protein pancakes or porridge are the right breakfast for the start of the day and for the small appetite in between. Available in different flavors, there are also protein shakes. They taste like a delicious milkshake, provide the body with whey protein and are the optimal complement to diet and training. And to start the workout, Energie Aminos, prepared as a drink, his body and mind are ready for training.

Which proteins are present?

whey protein

When losing weight, as mentioned, achieving a calorie deficit in the foreground. To achieve this easily, particularly satisfying protein shakes are proposed. It consists of whey protein and provides a sweet, calorie-free taste of the stevia plant. The shake tastes like a milkshake and is the perfect complement for lunch or dinner.

Vegan protein

Even vegans and people with high lactose intolerance do not have to stay without shakes thanks to vegan proteins. The vegan shake is high in fiber and provides the muscles with the best sources of high quality vegetable protein. Can be taken for breakfast, dinner or simply as a substitute for sweet snacks.

Whey protein

Protein shakes, which are taken directly after training, are particularly demanding because it is important to provide the body with essential amino acids after training. Whey protein, which is made from milk, is the fastest initial training in protein and protects against muscle breakdown, especially for endurance athletes and bodybuilders.

Quick results in 12 weeks – required discipline

The protein diet is very popular. Many celebrities swear by this, lost their pregnancy mortgage in no time and found their way to their dream in record time. This is because the protein diet is very simple to implement, it is not necessary to starve and count calories and that in this type of diet, it is necessary to break down only fat body and loss of muscle mass with sufficient protein intake. is possible.

Here's how a 12-week slimming plan works

To achieve a caloric deficit, you need to reduce at least 400 calories from your normal daily needs. It is not necessary that it be inferior, so that energy stored as fat is broken down, burned and not stored.

Recommended are 5 meals a day with lots of protein. The menu includes protein bread, porridge, meat, fish, avocado and cottage cheese. Given the many meals, there is rarely a feeling of hunger.

Phase 1: In the first four weeks, two out of five meals are replaced by protein shakes. Losing weight works best if you take egg shakes for dinner.

Phase 2: In weeks 5 to 8 are mainly constructed of muscle. During exercise, it is recommended to increase protein intake – the basic building block of muscles. So, you can drink a shake right after the workout. In this phase, at least one meal must be replaced by an egg shake.

Phase 3: During the last 4 weeks, a meal will be replaced by a shake, so that the new weight can be kept. In this phase, a "cheat day" can be included once a week, where more calories can be taken than other days.

That's how Cheat Day helps you lose weight

Let's be honest: cheating days are the only good thing about a diet! Fortunately, a new study shows that these short breaks are effective and make the scheme a success.

Tips for a protein diet

  • It is better to drink the shake at night.
  • Once the program is finished, the yo-yo effect must be prevented. For this, we must continue to pay attention to eating high protein meals. "Cheat Day" should not take place more than once a week.
  • The best training in the protein diet is HIIT: the so-called "High Intensity Interval Training" burns extremely many calories in a short time.
What is HIIT and how does it work?

Warning: HIT and HIIT are not suitable for everyone!


Warning: HIT and HIIT are not suitable for everyone!

Short, intense and effective – these are the principles of high intensity training such as HIT and HIIT. Training models assume that the best way to make muscle gains, stamina and fat burning is to explore one's own limit. LOOK explains how to find your personal exposure limit.

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Why does the body need protein?

Balanced diet

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Low carb diets and protein shakes are very popular. Nevertheless, there is uncertainty about how much protein to take and when.

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