The anti-baby pill for # beauty

Hello. I'm calling Magdalena. I am 27 years old. And I'm stupid. I take the pill. But not for contraception. I take the pill so that my skin is beautiful, my hair full and the rest of my hair fine. I am aware of the risks.

It is always said that we, women, should take the pill to prevent men from needing to use a condom. If I said so, it would be very hypocritical. Because I take the pill exclusively for myself, for mine androgenic hormones to tame. And yet, I still hear the sweet voice inside me ask me, "Is it worth it?"

Tomorrow at half past ten in Graz

In the morning, punctually at 9:30, there is no Knoppers as a snack enter. But the birth control pillMy mobile gives the signal. There is still time to smother the little particle. Sometimes with water, sometimes without. According to where I am right now. I know that the pill hurts me more than it helps me. But still.

The fact that I take them is mainly due to my skin, I do not write about the risks. The package insert and the Internet are full. Personally, I suffer from severe acne without the hormonal supplement. And so that I can hardly bear it. Or support myself.

with Sex in my daily Pillennascherei little to do. On the one hand, because I am so single. And on the other hand, if a guy loves me so much that he can get to my panties and my jewelry box, he can only be locked in the condom of my confidence. Too big is the fear of that an unwanted pregnancy, The one venereal disease still several times bigger.

How it all began

Millions of women take them every day. For years. I'm 19 years old since I was. With a break of almost a year. At first because I thought it was the easiest and safest method of contraception. I saw the responsibility and I knew that I was going to have a push of beauty. Win for the moment.

What happens when you drop it?

Then, sometime in the Summer 2017 and with 25 years old, I decided that with the Mixture of estrogen and progestogen let me not have to prevent contraception anymore. My friend and I have not been together for two years. Mimimi.

The first two months, everything went well. All surprisingly unchanged. Then everything happened quickly enough, it came like the night: acne, The more I hoped it would improve over time, the more it would worsen. Until May 2018, I decided not to leave my apartment. I felt ugly. I felt disfigured.

Some friends said that it was not so bad, you would hardly see it. Others, especially when they've looked at me with the right light, said it was. "violently". This word was anchored in my memory because it was really about. Meet, regarding the starting situation and not meet me. Because no matter what you said, I had a mirror and I knew exactly what I looked like. And I did not like that.

Spring 2018: when I became a teenager

The time without pill developed at a sinister story of Benjamin ButtonEvery day I grew up, I looked more like a teenager. A 26 year old face, the face of a 14 year old boy. Normally you would like to be younger, especially if you are 30 years old. But mine Crater landscape in the face was anything but a compliment. I had to show my identity card when buying beer. And when buying cigarettes. Speaking of cigarettes: Combined with the pill, they are a disrespectful combination. the The risk of thrombosis gets up several times. And usually, smoking is not cool. Nevertheless, I reached with confidence when it burns my fingers. And it's stupid.

Then came the low point. It was at that time that I heard that you could treat your acne with your own urine. And you really only think about it when all else fails: the most different creams, the scrubs, this strange brush that looks like a sex toy. Do not push, pressure, alcohol (internal and external treatment). Crying in the corner. Drink a lot of water. Smoking less, less alcohol. Without results.

So I was there, just before pee on a cotton and dabbing in my face with her. It's pure despair and a desire for beauty: a 26-year-old woman in the bathroom, with a cotton pad in her hand, trying to catch the center beam.

Woman drops her pants and wants to pee
Photo: Leonid

Pee in the face was not then. I went to the gynecologist and let me prescribe the pill again. He asked me why she had filed a year ago. I did not know the answer. Just like that. Because the media say it's dangerous. Velvet studies prove it. They reported from depression. Sexlosigkeit and gross weight gain, And more and more often.

Was it the case with me? No. Never. I am probably one of the happy women who can tolerate the super pill. But I still believe that studies say that after years of taking the pill, we are suffering from health problems. Only who, I'm not sure yet.

And at this point, the voice in my head again spoke: "Is it worth it? Because of a bit of acne?" Yes damn! I accept it

The price for "beauty"

Since June 2018, I take it back, the pill. My skin has improved significantly. My doctor also said casually that the pill that I had taken for six years beforeit the strongest on the market was. These would be prescribed only in extreme cases with serious skin problems. Good to know and thank you. Because when I prescribed him, I did not suffer from acne. At that time, everything was about contraception.

Selfish egotist?

A new trend on Instagram, it's self-love, Influencers call to love. With hairs in proliferation. With crooked teeth. With decent pounds of too much. With acne. And they immediately publish a photo of the gym. D & # 39; agreement.

Should give it. No idea I like it yes Probably more than anyone. But without acne, I like a lot more. And that's what I'm defending. A beautiful skin is for me a criterion of beauty, like teeth or hair well coiffés. That's why the pill. There was not really any alternative. A lifestyle with a healthy diet, without alcohol or nicotine is for the moment out of the question. Self-destructively, some would say now. I call him hedonist,

An alternative would be "Ciscutan"Summer, I only call it" horse pills. "Because they would depress and blow up the stronger horse What does the preparation do?

Quite simply: It dries your body so much that pimples and acne have no chanceAs little as dandruff shampoo and labello. Thanks to this medicinal bomb, everything becomes a living desert. Also your soul, because things make you depressed. In addition, no dermatologist prescribes the miracle cure until the question of contraception is clarified. Condoms do not matter in this case.

Because without contraception and in case of pregnancy, Ciscutan can cause massive malformations of the embryo and fetus. If it is a pregnancy, a termination must be made. The baby has no chance of a normal life. Therefore, in most cases – who would have thought – prescribed the pill.

So if I have the choice between Horse pill + pill or single pill I decide, then I decide for the least damaged. So this last.

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