The 30-year-old woman who has developed painful acne has a commitment to cystic fibrosis to get rid of thick filters and makeup on Instagram as a catfish.

A woman who thought she was too old for acne swore to drop her photo editing apps because she felt "like a catfish" online.

Kat Neubrand, 30, had cystic acne last year. Since she has adopted her natural skin online, she has become more confident in real life, according to the dentist.

Although she never had spots in adolescence, Kat began developing painful cystic acne last summer, at the age of 30.

Over time, the acne became bigger and more inflamed and Kat felt depressed, alone, wondering how that could have happened.

Feeling confident, she hid behind powerful makeup and photo editing apps like Facetune, but in December, when her acne got worse, she decided it was enough.

Now, Kat has abandoned touch-up apps, instead releasing unfiltered photos, and awarded a positive rating to the skin.

"When I grew up, I never really had skin problems, except for a few epidemics here and there that started in the early twenties," Kat said.

"My cystic acne did not get worse until I was 30. I started going out more often and the outbreaks became bigger and more inflamed over time.

"I felt very depressed at first, and I wondered," Why does this happen to me? "" Am I not too old for acne? "I felt really alone because that none of my friends or family was suffering from cystic acne.

"December 2018 was the worst of all, so I decided not to hide behind filters and facetunes and share my real face and my story on Instagram.

"My acne became so bad that I could not hide it anymore and I did not want to edit my photos anymore, I felt like a catfish on social networks and decided that it was enough.

"It was scary, but I had so much support that I knew it was the right thing to do.

"Since then I have been publishing unpublished photos and sharing my acne problems, depression and anxiety in the hope of being able to help someone else struggling with these problems.

"I received a lot of support from my friends and so many strangers that I did not expect.

"Being able to share and help others with others has been incredibly rewarding.Acne is completely normal and no one should be ashamed of it.

"Sharing my story on Instagram has helped me in many ways, I can tell my truth and no longer hide my insecurities.

"It has made me more confident in real life and I am so grateful to all the people who support me on this trip that I do not feel lonely anymore."

Kat has received overwhelming support from social media, helping her to control her acne scars.

She now has a gentle skin care routine that cleans and moisturizes her skin, and she is taking spironolactone, which she has been taking since November 2018.

Since her contraceptive implant, which she had removed for two years last month, has been removed, more acne has developed.

"You do not need filters and Photoshop to be beautiful, because that's all we see on TV and in magazines, that will not be realistic," she said. declared.

"We must stop pursuing unrealistic ideals of beauty simply because society thinks that she knows what should be beautiful.

"Filters and Photoshop just create more uncertainty, they make us hide behind a mask because we do not believe we fit in with the beauty of society, Anders is beautiful, your imperfections make you beautiful.

"I want to spread the message of positivity of the skin.I want people to feel safe about themselves no matter what.I want society to normalize acne and acne scars and stop Photoshop.

"I want people to know that they do not need perfect skin to look beautiful and, above all, that they are not alone in their struggles.

"I know that it would be very helpful to see acne models or even acne actors and actresses on TV and at the movies.

"We are constantly comparing ourselves to others, so I think that a realistic portrayal of people suffering from acne or acne scars in the media is crucial."

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A woman who thought she was too old for acne swore to drop her photo editing apps because she felt "like a catfish" online.