That's how books fall in no time 2

That's how books fall in no time

Lose weight with a pizza? It sounds too good to be true, but we've come up with a diet that weighs just that – even if you can beat a pizza every day …

When you think of pizza, does the word diet come to mind? Probably not! No wonder Italian delicacy consists of Carbohydrates and lipids and therefore found no trace in most diets. Not in the case of Pizza Diet! This change of diet, developed by the Italian chef Pasquale Cozzolino and thus lightened by more than 45 kilos, should melt the kilo without yielding. But how can this be? This can be justified simply because Breastfeeding your cravings daily with a pizza reduces the risk of cravings and you do not tend to grab other fat or sweet temptations as quickly, "If you eat pizza, you do not need anything else."The New York-based Italian also admits that the American Huffington Post has fewer calories and the kilo falls!

Pizza Diet: That's how it works

Those who opt for pizza should know that you spend some time in the kitchen during the day, because the most important principle is: No pizza in the freezer, but always freshly prepared meals. However, this is not a big problem, because like for a very traditional pizza, the dough is made from flour (it is better to use whole grain varieties because they will last longer), water, salt and yeast. In addition, Italians for garnish with tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella (to save some calories, you can use the reduced-fat variant). Thus, this meal represents a little less than 600 calories and is the ideal dish for lunch.

But what's on the menu in the morning and evening? For breakfast, you can take fresh fruit and a portion of oatmealwhich regulates your blood sugar and avoids being hungry before lunch. the In the evening, carbohydrates are taboo and dishes are made with meat, fish and fresh vegetables rich in protein. should then be on your diet, so that fat loss is stimulated overnight. Of course you should Sweets and alcohol during this time make a big turn. With this diet, the pizza diet also attacks The slender secrets of the Italians, because during the lunch, a rich portion of pizzas, pasta and others can be prepared, Carbohydrates are banned from the table at bedtime.

However, we must not neglect sports to ensure that the diet gives visible results. But who cares to eat pizza every day? When you incorporate a blend of cardio, strength and flexibility three times a week for an hour into your daily lifeThe less pounds, your silhouette will appear more defined and you will certainly make a good impression with the tight bikini, the mischievous mini-dress or the casual denim shorts.

However, the best is this: by putting your body in a state of "famine" during this diet (which, by the way, can last a week or even two months), There will be no yo-yo effect and the "hard" transformed pounds will not solve problem areas. So much fun on a diet never done! ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ•

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