So, you stay tense from head to toe

For the anti-aging care of our face is creamed, rolled and massaged. But have you ever thought about the fact that the skin of your arms, legs, cleavage, etc. stay tense as long as possible? We will tell you how your body stays crunchy from head to toe.

1. Anti-aging booster for the face

From the mid-20s, skin aging begins. Our skin loses its elasticity, so that the first wrinkles of dryness and the wrinkles of the face can be formed. as well external influences can harm the skin. The most important external factor in aging skin is the action of UV rays, which release free radicals that Destroy the cells.

But with the right ingredients, you can counteract the anti-aging process. than killer wrinkles Hyaluronic acid, retinol and vitamin C. Therefore, you must absolutely use products containing these substances.

While hyaluronic acid hydrates your face, retinol improves cellular exchanges of the skin. Vitamin C stimulates the Collagen production and can also neutralize free radicals.

Here are our three favorite anti-aging facial products:

first bioniva "Retinol Lift Cream", buy here for about 23 euros
second bioniva "Vitamin C Serum", buy here for about 19 euros
third Cosphera "Hyaluron Performance Cream", buy here for about 30 euros

2. This keeps the neck and décolleté tight

Not only on the face, the elasticity of the skin decreases, we are not spared on the neck and décolleté. To keep these parts of your body tense, you must take your own. Simply extend your anti-aging facial routine to these areas.

Apply your cleansers, serums, masks and others also on the neck and décolleté. Ideal are Products high in vitamin C, because it protects the thin skin in the body area from free radicals.

Tip: to help your skin better absorb anti-aging products, massage them with a jade scooter at.

Here are our three favorite anti-aging products for neck and décolleté:

first Junglück
"Vitamin C Serum", buy here for about 25 euros
second BEYOU "Jade Roller + Gua Sha Pad", buy here for about 13 euros
third Apricot beauty & health "Silicone care® anti-wrinkle neck protector", buy here for about 27 Euro

3. Anti-aging agent for hands, arms and legs

Last but not least, we also want ours Protects hands, arms and legs from the aging processFor this, we need true moisturizers that keep the skin tight for as long as possible. The motto is: cream, cream and cream again!

For arms and legs, caffeine or hyaluron serums are ideal gently massage into the skin be. There are also special lotions for the body lifting effect is said.

And if you can not look at the age of your hands, there are special Anti-age hand creams, Many of them have an extra SPF factorThis is important because your skin is exposed to UV rays every day, even when the sun is not shining. And as mentioned above, UV rays promote aging of the skin.

Here are our three favorite anti-aging products for the hands, arms and legs:

first Vilate essential
"Hyaluron body lotion", buy here for about 17 euros
second neobömi "Camomile Hyaluron Hand Cream", buy here for about 17 euros
third Eveline Cosmetics "Professional Spa Body Balm Body", buy here for about 10 euros

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