So dangerous sleep with a fan

The summer is in full swing and, until now, the Germans have not been able to complain about the lack of hot days – apart from the small cooling that has fallen on the north from Germany in recent days.

When the thermometer goes up and reaches 30 magical degrees, many suffer from sleep problems and the grip of the fan is close. But according to the sleep counselor's report, this beneficial cooling could cause health problems.

Whirlwind of dust and pollen

A fan can cool the room in the room, but also brew pollen and dust. For people who have allergies and who suffer from asthma and hay fever, this is not a good solution.

Drying of the skin and nasal mucous membranes is another reason for not using the ventilator during sleep.

If they are too dry, the body can produce excess mucus and make us feel sick and have a stuffy nose.

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