Odd beauty trend: Hyaluron is now injected into this strange place!

The tendencies of beauty are sometimes quite curious. Would you have thought that there was a beauty operation to tighten the ears? More and more doctors are offering hyaluronic fillers for ear lobes – we'll explain what's behind and what you could focus on …

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Many of us think that we have to change bodies. In advertising, television and social media, we are constantly confronted with silent demands. to improveWrinkles should be tightened, your waist should be thinner and your breasts bigger.

Of course, nothing wrong with an anti-aging cream or a new hair shampoo particularly shiny. However, always do and again the most curious beauty trends, the round around which we just ask me can. One of them is the hyaluron charge not for the lips, but for the ear lobes.

What are the hyaluronic charges?

Hyaluron is the new star in the sky of beauty. In creams or serums, the active ingredient is considered an injection or even a dietary supplement. Skin ages again tight and wrinkle free magic. Hyaluronic acid is a compatible substance that already exists naturally in the layers of our skin. It is responsible for the binding and storage of water and should also stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, which ensures a stable and curved skin tissue.

Dermatologists can therefore inject hyaluronic acid into dermatologists. Especially popular: the Treatment of the skin, in which hyaluronic acid is injected with many small pinholes all over the facial skin surface and Lip fillers, injections of hyaluronic acid for fleshy lips.

That's how the ear lobes fill up

Earlobe-Filler is a novelty: sagging ear lobes should be nice and bouncy with Hyaluron spray. The curious treatment is now offered by many beauty clinics and dermatologists. Cost: about 500 euros. It should only last about five to ten minutes.

There is – If you are so dissatisfied with the appearance of your ear lobes – other ways to hide them, for example with a proper hairstyle. Or you invest the 500 euros in pretty new earrings.

Useful alternative: hyaluronic acid capsules!

If you want to tighten the skin of your whole body, you can easily take Hyaluron – in the form of drinks or capsules. Through the metabolism, the beauty ingredient enters your body and penetrates from the inside of your skinThis alternative is often better than creams or other beauty products – and is much cheaper than a session at Beauty Doc. Our anti-wrinkle against fatigue, cellulite and blackheads – Here you can immediately refill the natural capsules: With one Skin Glow capsule a day, we do something good for our skin – and that's worth our beauty with 90 capsules at € 19.95!


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