New doctor in Heudeber

From now on, the specialist in internal medicine Ramona Stoica will be with patients, alongside Christian Mller.

Heudeber l A big bow for Ramona Stoica. To welcome the new family doctor in Heudeber, Mayor Extra Nordharz, Gerald Fröhlich (independent) and Mayor Hartmut-Erich Busch (WG Heudeber / Nordharz) went to the doctor's office reopened.

You must not stay in touch. As a test, Gerald Fröhlich put his heart and soul to the test and measured his blood pressure. Ramona Stoica was happy with the visit of the town hall and let the pleasure enter.

The internist practices in family practice that was previously led by Jonas Korsakas. The background is the departure of the previous operator, who followed his wife to Lake Constance.


Christian Müller is now active in Heudeber, which leads to Benzingerode an internist practice with extension in Derenburg. He currently employs Stoica as an internist from Monday to Friday in Nordharzdorf. In addition, for three days, she will continue to supervise the practice in Ströbeck, where Korsakas has already practiced.

The specialist doctor from Targu Mures, Romania, has been living in Germany for seven years. In 2012, she came directly to Harz and was already working in the Harzklinikum in Wernigerode, in the cardiology department. Ramona Stoica knew very early that she wanted to become a doctor: "By the age of seven, my doctor was determined to become a career candidate." She studied medicine in Romania. She has been a specialist in internal medicine for nine years.


His supervisor, Christian Müller, praises his rich experience and his professional qualities: "No clinic could imagine a better chief doctor than Ramona Stoica.It's a stroke of luck because it's very hard to find a person with of such expertise and able to handle patients so well, "said Müller.

When he learned at the beginning of the year that Korsakas would not continue to exploit the medical offices of Heudeber and Ströbeck, he immediately made contact with them, Müller said. "I was wondering what to do with people who depend on a family doctor in the city, especially those who are no longer mobile and need someone to look after themselves. It's important that they continue to be cared for – only one person can do wrong, "he says in the project, his motivation to continue the practice.


He says that he puts a lot of emphasis on the ability to offer patients a commitment. He was particularly grateful to the Association of Doctors of the statutory health insurance of Saxony-Anhalt, who had supported him from the beginning of the project. He also equipped the office with the latest diagnostic technology to provide the best possible care for people. Thus, patients with hay rot now have the possibility of a cardiological echocardiographic examination. With Ramona Stoica, he now has the energetic and expert support he needs for home care of patients.

The doctor is eager to take on this new challenge. Even though she grew up in the countryside, she is happy to be able to work now in the 1200-soul area. "I like working with people, and people here have received me very warmly," she says.


She says that she feels very comfortable in the North Harz. She would like to settle in the community with her 11-year-old daughter, Wernigerode.

The two mayors are also happy about the new face at Heudeber. "I am happy that Ramona Stoica has decided to practice at Heudeber," said Gerald Fröhlich. He emphasizes how important it is to have a family doctor in the village. It was a decisive criterion for the quality of life and contributed to the attractiveness of the place. Heudeber Mayor Busch is also pleased that Ramona Stoica has been taking care of the village patients since last week. "This is not only important for our village, but also for the surrounding villages," Busch said.


The practice team previously employed by Jonas Korsakas is delighted with the use of Stoica in his early hay. Christian Müller hired Cornelia Duker, Josephine Lohse, Nadine Meldau and Gina Gerlach as employees in practice. "It also has something to do with social responsibility for me," he says, and a friendly working atmosphere and flat hierarchies are maintained in his team.

In particular, Gina Gerlach, who is in her third year of training, is relieved to be able to stay in a haystack, she says. The trainees and their colleague Cornelia Duker consider it a "good start for the new family doctor". Christian Müller, who rented the rehearsal rooms in Heudeber, hopes to be able to exercise in a haystack long term. Even a passionate doctor, he says, he wants to build a relationship of trust with patients. "I want good patient care and everyone is happy with my job."


Ramona Stoica shares this approach. She likes to stay in close contact with her patients for a long time, she says. This is possible in the form only in the country.

For the future, she wants to ensure good patient care. Christian Müller points out that the modest young woman does not have to put her light under wraps because she is very experienced and qualified as a doctor. Stoica says, "I would like everyone to be happy with my work."