Health Promotion: FreeVeloPoint Wins Two Awards – Liechtenstein

VADUZ – Not everywhere, where there is health, there is also health. The FreeVeloPoint project, free bike rental in Liechtenstein, but everything fits. Not only for the Liechtenstein Jury, which for the first time awarded the Liechtenstein Prize for Health Promotion to the project, but also for the candidates from the countries participating in the Lake Constance International Conference (IBK) for the promotion health and prevention. These awarded the rental of bicycles with the "KollegInnenpreis".

The Lake Constance International Conference announces the launch of a competition every three years for projects in the field of health promotion and prevention. Finally, an international jury will award the winning projects among those proposed by the IBK countries for the final phase. As a bonus, the nominees would award a special prize to a "colleague project". All the candidates had the opportunity to present their project to the other participants in the form of a Pecha-Kucha. The Liechtenstein team made a performance with heart and charm and got the unanimous approval of the minister. The Neuraum association has been authorized to receive the "KollegInnenpreis".

Government Counselor Mauro Pedrazzini presents the Health Promotion Award

The quality of the FreeVeloPoint project also convinced the Liechtenstein jury, which for the first time awarded the Liechtenstein Health Promotion Award. The awards ceremony was held by Government Councilor Mauro Pedrazzini. The project was not only planned in a sustainable way, but also networked across many social components and implemented in a participatory way. Bikes for the free bike rental system are prepared by the Auxilia Protected Workshop and provided by the Association for Assisted Living (VBW) in already 27 stations in the country. FreeVeloPoint helps create more movement in everyday life, the ministry said. It can also provide valuable support to companies that take mobility management in the workplace seriously and use the bike for their employees.