Health: For better medical care – News Augsburg-Land, Gersthofen, Neusäß

The district is one of the health regions funded in Bavaria. New interface created for central cooperation

General medical care and prevention in the district should be improved. For this reason, since this year, the district is one of the 50 health regions funded by Bavaria. The "Health Region Plus" concept of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care aims to optimize supply by networking local stakeholders. During the district establishes a central interface in which the health sector in the district is studied centrally.

At the beginning of July, Jana Schlosser was appointed new branch manager. She had previously held other functions, including the organization of health programs in the kindergartens and schools of southern Bavaria. The office is located in the health department of the Augsburg district office and represents the central interface for organizing and coordinating the health region further.

In addition, individual institutions and communities are advised. Schlosser explains: "One of the main goals will be to ensure that the range of health care offers is accessible to all citizens of the county, in terms of equal opportunity."

The goal is to expand health care and health promotion. Depending on the starting position, this could for example be achieved by helping the various actors to differentiate their offers and thus avoiding unnecessary competition.

In the medium and long term, cooperation and networking within the medical infrastructure will be expanded. (AL)

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