Get rid of hormonal abdominal fat – that's how it works

Do you exercise, eat well and still lose weight on your stomach? Then it can be due to hormones. Here you will learn what it means and how you can get rid of hormonal belly fat.

Do you play sports, eat healthy, and still can not get rid of your stomach pockets? Then it can be hormone related. We will tell you which hormones can prevent you from losing weight and how to get rid of hormonal belly fat.

High protein foods regulate the hormone leptin

Leptin is produced by our fat cells and sent to the brain when the body has enough food and we are full. However, the higher our body fat levels, the more we become satiety-resistant hormone and we eat more than we need.

With a high protein diet, you can support your balance in leptinIn addition to products of animal origin, such as poultry and salmon (depending on the behavior of the species), legumes rich in protein.

You should also be careful when dieting to eat enough. If you do not eat enough, the level of leptin decreases rapidly.

Maintain insulin at optimal levels through proper nutrition

Some foods (usually simple carbohydrates) raise the insulin level for a short time and leave the stomach. blood sugar then falls quickly. This creates the well-known desires. experiences d & # 39; where To avoid foods that only saturate you for a short time and take carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables rather than industrially processed foods. Normally, they last longer. But also pay attention to your body. It may be that an apple fills you a lot longer than a banana.

Lower cortisol levels with these tips

Cortisol is the stress hormone that can prevent us from losing weight. The reason is that when we release more cortisol, it tells our brain that we need more energy. The result: we have as in a blood sugar level highly fluctuating cravings and eat more than we need.

The following tips will help you regulate your cortisol levels:

  • Make sure you get enough sleepNot enough rest at night hits your body and causes increased release of cortisol. In addition, your leptin level is disrupted by a lack of sleep.
  • Avoid drinks containing caffeine in the stressful phases. Coffee, coke and energy drinks also stimulate the release of the stress hormone.
  • Learn a relaxation technique with which you can calm down in times of stress. See which one suits you best. Some swear by yoga, others use autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation. Just try what makes you feel relaxed.
  • Do not overdo it with the fitness programOf course, exercise is important for getting rid of belly fat, but it can also turn in the opposite direction. If you overwork your body, it will increase the release of cortisol.

Get rid of hormonal abdominal fat through mindfulness

In order to get rid of the hormonal abdominal fat, you must basically avoid all extremes. Do not do monodic or excessive training to lose weight. Watch your body and mind and basically, try to work on your stress reduction. So you can lose weight in the long run without your hormones ruining your balance.

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