Expenses are investments, not costs 2

Expenses are investments, not costs

Online Medical Journal, 10.07.2019

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The prevalence of Alzheimer's disease

As part of the fight against forgetfulness, the European Forum on the Money Economy requires more political pressure from all parties.

Expenses are investments, not costs

The best strategy for fighting dementia was discussed Wednesday in Helsinki at the European Forum on the Money Economy: moderators Anders Olauson, George Vradenburg (Global Initiative of CEOs in Alzheimer's Disease ), Kazumi Nishikawa (Japanese Ministry of Economic Affairs) and Phyllis Barkman Ferrell, Commercial Services Director at Lilly.

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HELSINKI. In the fight against Alzheimer's disease, it is necessary to strengthen the political pressure in the world, both on the side of patients and on the side of care. It was Wednesday in Helsinki an agreement on the first "High Level Forum on the Economy of the Money of the EU" launched in July, under the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

George Vradenburg, of the Global CEO Initiative for Alzheimer's Disease, called on states to take joint action, starting at the local level – as in the fight against climate change and HIV / AIDS.

This approach has borne fruit, at least in Japan, as confirmed by Kazumi Nishikawa, Department of Health Economics at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. (METI) in Helsinki.

Nippon is expecting about seven million people with dementia in 2025 and is feverishly seeking early detection options, preferably with the aid of artificial intelligence. It is conceivable, for example, a brain check from age 50 – and every ten years.

Japan thinks of regular brain exams

According to Nishikawa, G20 health and finance ministers agree that, in the fight against dementia, "spending for health is not a cost, but an investment". This consensus was reaffirmed at the G20 summit in Osaka in June.

Phyllis Barkman Ferrell, commercial director at Eli Lilly, called for more and more intensive research to better understand the state of dementia. The first signs were felt 20 years before the onset of the disease. In addition, she called for a strengthening of patient education on dementia – preferably during childhood.

The forum focuses on the political strategies facing aging societies. For example, greater digital knowledge of European healthcare is needed. (AW)

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  • Expenses are investments, not costs 3
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