Cologne: Âmago combines Kölsch lyrics with South American music

Cologne –

Growth for the Cologne music scene. The acoustic ensemble Âmago is dedicated to the music of Kölsch from a particular angle. The quintet combines South American sounds with Kölsch lyrics.

The term Âmago is Portuguese and means something like the "core" or the "core of a thing". For Alfonso Garrido, Jürgen Haufer, Lisa Kühnemann, Michael Romm and Julia Zipprick, there is a love match between sophisticated arrangements of Cologne classics and their own compositions with texts in language. of Cologne.

The set began the year 2015 in a slightly different distribution with Portuguese and Spanish songs. The Cologne spark jumped into a southern city pub on Âmago. At a reunion party for a friend who had moved from Cologne to Berlin, they celebrated with people from all over the world and sang the song "Ich han 'nen Deckel" by Bläck Fööss. "It was unbelievable, this title united all linguistic and national borders, it gave us the decisive boost, why not organize Cologne texts for international sounds, for example South American?" Explains Romm.

No musical newcomer

The quintet has a clear goal. "We want to lift and fix the pearls of the art of Kölsch songs, we can well imagine that this kind of music also has a place in the carnival scene," Haufer adds.

The newcomers to the world of music are not the two women and the three men of Amago. The set has a four voice voice and excellent instrumentation. The five, aged 33 to 54, are professional musicians who study music in a variety of disciplines, with the exception of Romm.

He is a specialist in internal medicine and performs a medical internship in Nippes. A look at his biography shows that Cologne, who has been playing the cello since the age of seven, offered two options after graduation: studying medicine or music.

Combine the two passions

Romm chose a path that combines his two passions. He studied medicine and remained faithful to music in parallel. As a whole, he plays the cello and sings. Haufer is a singer and guitarist. He is also a lecturer in conducting and arranging choirs at the University of Cologne and coaching various vocal ensembles.

Kühnemann studied classical singing and piano in Bogota and pop and jazz singing in Cologne. The singer also works as a pedagogue and vocal composer. Zipprick is also a pop and jazz singer and is, among others, a speaker at the voice at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt.

The same CD recently released

Garrido earned a percussion degree in Latin American music at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He is a lecturer in Latin percussion, rhythms and group accompaniment at the University of Music and Dance Cologne.

Until now, the ensemble has brought its soul to Cologne, especially during concerts. The newly released "Amago" CD has a first auditory impression. In addition to recordings such as "Rolling In The Deep" and "Flor de lis", the Fööss cover "Ich han NEN Deckel" ("I have a lid") was placed on the glass. Of course, as title number 11.