Amazon Alexa is said to help with the flu and migraine

The British health services NHS is allied with the giant of the Internet Amazon, Her linguistic assistant, Alexa, will advise in the future on widespread diseases such as migraine and influenza propose to reduce costs and help more patients at home. In particular, elderly and blind patients should have access to information verified by the NHS.

This explained that government Wednesday. Already, millions of people are turning to Alexa and other language assistants on health issues, said Minister of Health Matt HancockHe wanted to make sure that they would receive the best advice possible. The offer must be subject to strict confidentiality rules for the protection of patients.

funding issues

For many Britons, the NHS is a valuable institution offering services ranging from routine medical check-ups to rescue operations. the health services for years, the country has been facing massive funding challenges and staff shortages. The family doctor – the general practitioner – is also Britain usually the first port of call for people who feel sick.

The President of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Helen Stokes-Lampard, explained that the use of language assistants would allow more appointments to the patients who needed it the most. "This could help some patients determine the type of treatment they need before seeking personal medical care, especially for minor ailments that rarely require a doctor's appointment."

"Alexa, do I have chicken pox?"

The voice assistant Alexa uses information from the NHS website via an algorithm to answer questions such as "Alexa, how to treat a migraine? "or" Alexa, what are the symptoms of chicken pox? "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are increasingly used in health care. Babylon Health, based in London, recently said that its technology has surpassed that of most doctors in assessing the symptoms of the disease during tests.

Amazon enters the health care after the group last year, the Internet PillPack pharmacy and acquired in the USA a partnership with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan agreed to reduce health costs for employees of the three companies.