Alissa Jung in "The Human Possible": What is the real title of the doctor? – TV

Sometimes you have the feeling of having actors who have no idea what they are doing right now. It looks different with her.

After a four-year television break, 38-year-old Alissa Jung returns to the television with ZDF drama "The Human Possible" (Wednesday, 11:30 pm). Why has the old star been so far removed from the image in the living rooms? Jung to Good medical: "I studied medicine after studying medicine."

What a woman – in front of and behind the camera!

The mother twice (son of 19 and 14 years) began her career in the theater in adolescence. She appeared more than 20 years ago in the series of successes of the doctor "In all friendship" as the daughter of the chief doctor, Dr. med. Heilmann (Thomas Ruehmann, 64). In 2005, his performance ended there with a road accident and a serial death.

<img class = "zoomable undulating photo" src = " friendship – 2005-dies-die-the – 201179945-63219592 / 1, w = 1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" 1999: Alissa Jung in the role of Alina Heilmann in the series MDR "In all conviviality" – In 2005, she dies of death in series "data-zoom-title =" 1999: Alissa Jung in the role of Alina Heilmann in the series MDR "In any conviviality" – 2005, she dies of serial death

Photo: picture-alliance / dpa

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1999: Alissa Jung in the role of Alina Heilmann in the MDR series "in all friendship" – 2005, she dies of serial deathPhoto: picture-alliance / dpa

But Jung turned diligently (including "crime scene") and appears in the two-part German-Italian text "Your name was Mary," also internationally recognized. But the realization of the film fills the daughter of the mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung (61 years old, SPD), no.

Alissa is studying medicine and will be presenting her doctoral thesis in December 2017 in Berlin. Title: "Zinc deficiency is associated with depressive symptoms – Results of the second study on aging in Berlin". In short, she examined the influence of zinc deficiency on depressive moods in elderly patients.

<img class = "zoomable on-demand photo" src = " doktor- in-medicine-201179946-63219594 / 1, w = 1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width" 1280 "alt =" Not only beautiful, but also damn smart. "Alissa Jung has a medical doctor" data -zoom -title = "Not only beautiful, but also damn smart." Alissa Jung has a doctorate in medicine

Photo: BrauerPhotos / Dominik Beckmann

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Not only beautiful, but also damn smart. Alissa Jung has a doctorate in medicinePhoto: BrauerPhotos / Dominik Beckmann

At that moment, she said, she did not shoot anything. "Concentrate fully on medicine, then I worked as a pediatrician, but I recognized that passion lies in making films."

"Doctor" turns around again and now plays on television a young assistant doctor who is facing big problems after a treatment error. The script is pretty realistic. Jung knows perfectly well the doctors and the nurses, said before the film: "The working conditions are sometimes catastrophic, the colleagues are overloaded, and that favors mistakes."

A return to medical work? Not excluded. Alissa Jung has been following her path for years. If she does something, then that's right.

But now, the native Westfälin (Münster) wants to be in front of the camera again. She knows what she wants and can do. And Alissa Jung has always been on the ground in her various careers.

In his doctoral dissertation, Jung thanked the United States. his parents and: "especially my friends and my children, for patience with my hours of work."

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