The cold button on the hair dryer is used for that

Many ignore the "cool" button of their hair dryer when setting up – much to the chagrin of hair and hair. It's time to put in the spotlight the probably most underrated function of the hair dryer. The cool breeze is a real beauty in two respects.

stylists trick

The hair takes a long-term shape when it cools. For this reason, it is advisable to dry the hair up to the styling finish – so that the hairstyle does not stay longer, the hair is brighter. The warm air makes the structure of the hair rougher, the cold closes it and gives it its shine. For this reason, hairdressers dry their hair in the last stage. Stylists also recommend rinsing the hair with cold water at the end of the wash.

What the hair reveals

For oily hair, hormones often play an important role. Therefore, oily hair – in combination with oily skin or acne – usually appear during puberty. But the stress, the nutrition and the too frequent washing of the hair are the reason of the too greasy hair. What to do? In addition to proper hair care, vitamin A treatment can also dry skin and hair.

In particular, the lack of hydration is the cause of hair dryness, vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies or hormones. What to do? In addition to hair care (mask of wheat germ, hair oil), it is necessary to question the internal factors (deficiencies in vitamins and minerals). Gamma-linolenic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) helps moisturize skin and hair.

Often due to nutritional errors, possibly to vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Frequent brushing and straightening also dry the hair, making it brittle and brittle. Side effects of medications, hormonal changes or diseases are possible causes. What to do? Nutritional change and avoiding frequent heat (blow dry, smoothing). Appropriate skincare products such as balm, hair oil and scalp are especially important. In the summer – in the sun or in the water of chlorine – the hair needs special protection.

Usually, predisposition or indication of deficiency states (silicon, vitamin D, amino acid deficiency). Stress, poor diet (hyperacidity), inadequate shampoo, hormonal changes, but also diseases (thyroid problems) can cause fine hair. What to do? Pay attention to sunlight and increase the intake of nutrients.