Publications cited: These researchers are "world class"

In the report "Highly Cited Researchers 2018", 356 scientists from a university or a German research institute reached the top: they currently represent the first percent of the world's most cited researchers in their fields respectively.

The annual list of the world's most cited scientists in 21 different disciplines – including science, medicine and economics and social sciences – has been published by the American company "Clarivate Analytics" since 2014.

The current list includes the authors of all scientific publications published on the "Web of Science" platform between 2006 and 2016, which included at the end of 2016 1% of the most cited articles ("highly cited articles"). Depending on the size of the subject, different percentages of citations must be included in the highest percentage: most are in clinical medicine and less in agricultural and economic sciences and pharmacology.

76 MPG scientists among the most cited

Worldwide, 6078 researchers have been included in this list. At 43%, most of the "most cited researchers" come from US institutions (2639), followed by Britain (546), China (482), and Germany (356). .

Among the individual research institutions, three American institutions also count the most cited researchers: Harvard University (186), the National Institute of Health (148) and Stanford University ( 100). Max Planck's German institutions, together with the 76 most-cited researchers, rank fifth in the world.

According to the report, the scientists on the list, whose work has been cited most frequently over the past decade, have an above-average influence – although there is no universal concept that can quantitatively reflect outstanding research results.