Look at the Strache: Can you turn gray in one night?


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The long-time leader of the FPÖ, Heinz-Christian Strache, has recently undergone optical changes. On a photo of Facebook with his wife Philippa, he seems to have changed drastically – he immediately sting his gray hair.

Strache posted Thursday a photo that he shared with a big smile, tanned and at the same time. completely grayed out shows.

Many are troubled by the question of how things have become so fast. In the comments, one suspects a consequence of the scandal surrounding the Ibiza case. Not excluded is sometimes a sudden renunciation of hair dye.

How does it explain?

The daily "Kurier" has interviewed an expert to shed light on this problem.

According to Markus Metka, president of the Austrian anti-aging company, a situation of extreme stress precedes such a sudden change.

This could already be observed in times of war, but even the unexpected death of a loved one can immediately leave its mark on the outside.

The normally slow aging process, in which those responsible for the production of pigmented melanocytes (pigment cells) begin to weaken, then was greatly influenced and accelerated, according to the gynecologist and hormone specialist.

If someone has one shock From experience, it could happen that the thyroid, "the supreme head of the body – also in terms of hair", exposes temporarily. As a result, the whole system is confused.

Ibiza door

On May 17, German media published a video in which former FPÖ leader and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache asks a so-called Russian billionaire to donate for the campaign and offers in exchange for government contracts . Strache probably considered the woman as the niece of a Russian oligarch and made statements that cost her her job.

In a press release published April 24 at APA, Strache commented on the firing. He admitted to making mistakes, but pointed out that the video was illegally registered and that the officials had to be identified. This is why Strache has filed a complaint in Germany against the people involved in the production of the material.

In relation to the so-called Ibiza video an investigation was opened against Strache and the former head of the FPÖ club, Johann Gudenus, reported Austrian media referring to the Austrian Prosecutor's Office for Economic Affairs and Corruption (WKStA) .

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