"I took the stairs every day for a week"

It is not for nothing that Rocky climbs several times in the film of the eponymous boxer. Arnold Schwarzenegger started climbing stairs in the 80s because: you burn an average of twice as many calories as when you jog.

With that, should one really be able to lose weight effectively? That's what Alexandra Franz, an online writer, thought, who took the stairs for a week everywhere.

Often, the morning before work, I rush into the sports class or take my lunch break to get moving.

But I could actually give myself stress, at least if one believes the study (not representative) of the University of Geneva from the year 2008.

Improve fitness with stairs: the subjects managed to lose weight

77 University employees, previously identified as Sportmuffel, had to borrow the stairs for eight weeks instead of taking the elevator.

The result: 69 held until the end. They were rewarded with lower hip circumference and reduced body fat.

Good thing! With a few stairs, I could save myself one or the other session in the gym. Currently, the thing looks like this to me: instead of tormenting me at the highest level, I also put the morning in the metro on the escalator and later check in the mirror of the elevator if the mascara actually landed on the lashes.

By the way, lose weight and become fit? It's worth it to try!

Self-experience: improve fitness with stairs

For a week, I take the stairs almost everywhere. That means: the stairs leading to the third floor of my apartment, the stairs to the subway and the stairs to the office on the fourth floor.

I start after my holidays in Croatia, after which the pants are CLEAR and the physical condition suffers. It's high time to move more …

Losing weight with stairs: that's how it's spent the week

At the beginning of this week, I am always very motivated, because my fundraising attracted the direct attention. Because I came out of the stairs and our department head greeted me with the words "Oh Alex, the staircase – very good!"

Tuesday, I want to bring a coffee to the colleague. It's not easy, if you have your hands full and even the stairs to the fourth floor must go up.

In the evening, I'm bored again: I want to quickly buy two little things in the new mall. Of course, it is again close to the closing time. Because I can not find the stairs downstairs, I find myself in the ground floor health food store and buy dental floss for five euros.

Improve fitness with stairs: that's why the experience was really nasty

Towards the end of the week, the experience begins to be really unpleasant because in the gym, Leg Day has been announced.

Because I exaggerate slightly (okay, I completely overpowered the weights at squats), buttocks burn. And every staircase I climb hurts.

My colleagues are supportive and take the stairs with me. Thank you girls – it motivates me to stay tuned.

On Friday, my friends also suggest going to the new rooftop bar. That would mean: eight floors. On foot Are they doing it on purpose? That's me too much. I pinch and stay at home.

Conclusion: Take the stairs for a week – this has led

At the end of the week, I'm really excited by what the stairs really did. I check my fitness watch on Sunday night.

Result: I have exactly covered 191 floors with my self-experience (Fitbit has three meters as a staircase). It's an average of 80 more than in a comparable week.

It does not seem like much at first. But my favorite pants (more reliable than any other scale …) is already very comfortable after one (!) Week. So I definitely lost weight.

Although I hate stairs, all the steps I've taken have saved about one cardio unit.

So I could use this time in the future, for example, to have a drink with my friends – instead of going for a run in the park.

In the future, I will take stairs more often, but not with hot coffee in my hand. There are situations where the elevator is simply safer.

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