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Anyone with allergies has difficulties. As soon as the first pollen flies in the air in the spring, the symptoms begin. A still congested nose, sneezing, red eyes or itching – each person reacts with different symptoms because of its individual constitution, which turns into a plague at the end of hay fever. But no one is completely helpless in this situation. Because there are natural remedies that can help alleviate the symptoms. Interestingly, bees are fighting hay fever.

How bees have their nature

Pollen research has shown that the consumption of bee pollen in allergies can have positive effects. This may seem confusing at first, but since it is not directly pollen, the body reacts positively to natural pollen. But for that, it is necessary to prepare the body and strengthen it internally. It is rather a pollen cure whose ideal time is the winter. During this time, there is no count of pollen, the body is gently sensitized, then identified as a pathogen. Thus, the immune system is strengthened from within, so as not to react so violently next spring. The amount of hay fever that can be contained depends on the personal situation.

Strengthens the immune system with propolis and pollen

Propolis must also be mentioned in this context. This is the bee resin used by bees to seal the hive. This active ingredient is already effective in disinfecting the hive and protects the honey from harmful agents. This effect also applies to viruses, fungi and bacteria, not only for bees, but also for the human immune system. Today, propolis drops, propolis capsules, honey or a skin cream are used today. Humans have recognized the wonderful properties of propolis and have used them effectively in addition to a healthy diet or to fight against pathogens. Through these substances, which form bees with substances collected in nature, man has the strength to strengthen his immune system and fight against hay fever. Even though the origin of these natural products comes directly from the bee pollen. Hay fever is not amplified or caused. On the contrary, the internal reinforcement can already reduce the first symptoms. The power of nature is available in the form of drops. Auspreiser displays mouth drops with propolis and offers a clear overview of different sizes.

Catch hay fever on a leash

Pollen and propolis contain various important vitamins, free amino acids and vegetable proteins. Amino acids are directly absorbed and used by the body. In addition, pollen and propolis contain important B vitamins at high concentrations. A winter cure with bees' natural products strengthens the body accordingly for the coming spring.