Hot water against weeds – FM1Today

Instead of toxic pesticides, Berneck now respects the environment against harmful weeds. The community sprays undesirable plants with water only – and it works very well.

"In Berneck, everyone is talking about diversity and distributing toxic pesticides every day to the environment, which is not going well together," said Achim Olschweski, construction manager at Berneck, in an interview with TVO. That is why Berneck has recently been cleared of weeds with an environmentally friendly method. For more than a week of testing, the weed takes a shower with hot water at a hundred degrees. This is all it takes to kill the plants.

Reaction after a few minutes

The temperature of the hot water that brings the pasta to the boil causes the denaturation of the proteins by the weeds. Thus, the plant can not regenerate and dies. The results are visible soon after the shower, the leaves are dark and lame.

"Our experiences are very good so far," said Marc Frei, director of the factory. "The big advantage is that we can now clean the streets along the streams with weeds because we are simply injecting hot water." Even for insects, the hot shower after a short moment of shock is not dangerous because the water cools quickly on the ground,

Costly machines are rented

The ecological method has its price. The small machine that gives a shower to the weeds costs 30,000 francs, the largest even 40,000. That's why Berneck did not buy the machines, but rented them.

This week ends the testing phase and – until probably the weeds – are all satisfied. The municipality of Berneck can well imagine that the devices are rented three times a year in the future. The hot shower is therefore often recommended for weeds.

(TVO / sar)