Hidden Sugar Bombs: Avoid these 6 beverages when losing weight!

This may seem appealing, but if you pay close attention to your line, some things should be avoided: for example, daily vanilla milk coffee with an extra cream.

That the coffee drink, calorie balance perfectly confused, is indisputable. Those who want to lose weight do not only with good food, but also with healthy and low-calorie drinks. So you should save these six calorie bombs!

1. sodas

Cola and Co. should be on a diet rather keep your fingers. Sugary drinks have a low nutritional value, but a lot of empty calories.

Caution is advised even in hot weather: high temperatures increase the sensation of thirst. The extra-large bottle of lemonade you should resist then, sodas are not suitable for quenching thirst.

In the "sugar-free" variants, it is not more interesting for people who are conscious of the silhouette: sugar is replaced by low-calorie sweeteners, but these can increase the feeling of hunger, as one study reveals.

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