Help in the field and against microplastics: jellyfish mucus

Jellyfish filter prototype in three years

Leandra Hamann, Ph.D. student, is already experimenting with natural mucus filters – but not with jellyfish mucus ":" Since the microplastics retained were found in the sewage sludge, it would be nice to develop a filter separating the microplastic of other substances. "to dispose of it next."

… are not a species apart, but rather a stage in the life of cnidarians – unlike the stage as a fixed polyp. They travel up to ten kilometers per hour according to the principle of hindsight. They have been around for 500 million years, making them older than dinosaurs.

The ability of jellyfish mucus to produce such a clump of microplastics will be evident in the first prototype in three years. This could perhaps help wastewater treatment plants to be free from smaller plastic particles in the future.

Agriculture, food, food

But this continues and research on jellyfish as a natural raw material is just beginning: speech is used in cosmetics and medical products, for example, in anti-aging products. In addition, animals are suitable as fertilizer – have also shown that in the context of GoJelly. Nutrients extracted from jellyfish would work as well as chemical fertilizers. Jilleh Javidpour, of GoJelly, explains GoJelly's Jilleh Javidpour: "The goal is rather a sustainable approach to jellyfish, which is an integral part of and feeds one hundred species of fish in the sea."

But not only for arable plants and sea creatures, the miracle animal is a good source of nutrients: in Asian countries, jellyfish are a daily food, in China since about 1,700 years. Recipe ideas on kitchen portals are still limited. But the fact that even European palates know how to resume their habit is demonstrated by the increase in the number of insect products on the shelves of national supermarkets. And GoJelly wants to gain ground in this regard: in addition to research on filtering microplastics and ecological fertilizers, the publication of a cookbook is also planned.