Get rid of wrinkles: these 6 methods help

Wrinkle killer:

In the beginning, there are only fine lines, but over time, the wrinkle sinks deeper into the skin and gives it a dark appearance permanently. We are talking about the unpopular ride of anger. It results from the contraction of the eyebrows and is one of the classic facial expressions. However, not everyone is equally affected by this. We will show you ways to treat different forms so that you can finally get rid of your wrinkles.

What helps against wrinkles?

In addition to the nasolabial fold, it is probably above all the pronounced glabellar fold, as wrinkles wrinkles in professional circles, that leaves people desperate. Finally, you look angry, sad or troubled by grief. With the right treatment, however, you can stop the process for a while or temporarily remove the fold. Of course, the faster you treat wrinkles, the better your results. We will show you 6 effective ways to get rid of your wrinkles.

Serum # 1 with retinol

Retinol is considered the anti-aging substance par excellence. After all, it's one of the few cosmetic ingredients that has been proven to reduce wrinkles. Although luxury brands have long been offering retinol products at a high price, there are now sera for the small handbag. Just put the face in the evening and rub lightly. But beware! You should not start directly with a high concentration, but slowly get your skin to the ingredient, otherwise it could cause irritation.

When dealing with retinol, there are a few things to keep in mind. Click here for step-by-step instructions:

N ° 2 anti-wrinkle patch

Although we can always remember during the day, without putting too much forehead, we naturally have no influence on our facial expressions at night. And that's where popular anti-wrinkle patches come in. They guarantee that we can not contract the eyebrows anymore and that the facial area is relaxed. For patches (144 pieces are available for about 30 euros on Amazon *) with a little moistened with water and simply glued between the eyebrows. With regular use, wrinkles should be minimized as clearly.

# 3 Jaderoller

On Instagram, traditional scooters (about 15 euros on Amazon *) are currently very popular. Asian beauty aids are known to have disappeared from puffiness and dark circles and have much tighter contours. Although this has not been scientifically proven, it is also said that they make wrinkles disappear. How to do that? The light roll massage relaxes the muscles responsible for wrinkles. In particular, wrinkles can be reduced if one believes the reports of experience.

Jaderoller wrinkle wrinkles

Massage with a Jaderoller can reduce wrinkles.


# 4 Dermaroller

In microneedling, small micro-lesions are added to the skin through various fine and short needles. These in turn guarantee the formation of new collagen fibers, as well as elastin and fibrillin. The skin is therefore renewed regularly and the wrinkles disappear or appear only much later. The dermaroller with needles lengths between 0.2 mm and 1.5 mm allow this treatment at home. After three months and one to two treatments a week, you should be able to see the first results.

Botox # 5

Botulinum toxin treatment, Botox, is clearly more invasive. The active ingredient is injected specifically under the skin to block certain nerves and thereby relax the muscles. Conversely, existing wrinkles are smoothed. However, it also means that the facial expressions between the eyebrows are temporarily paralyzed, which can quickly seem artificial. So do not overdo it. Incidentally, an injection in the game of crumpled fur costs 200 euros and lasts about three to nine months.

# 6 Hyaluron

The treatment with hyaluronic acid is much more limited. Similar to Botox, hyaluron is also injected under the skin. However, it is an endogenous active ingredient that cushions the skin and allows movement to continue. You can get rid of small wrinkles as easily. However, as the body degrades hyaluronic acid over time, regular use is necessary. Every four to eight months must be reinjected.

In addition to these applications, however, a good beauty routine can also help you reduce wrinkles. Make sure your skin is always well hydrated and regularly exfoliated. To keep the shape of your wrinkled wrinkles, you must always remove makeup and use sunscreen every day. Of course, this also helps if you do not smoke and avoid over-consumption of alcohol and sugar.