Ecological sunscreen for swimming in Mallorca

"It's not just mothers who say" creaming, lotion, creaming! "To their children playing on the beach of Mallorca, and dermatologists also recommend adults to use sunscreen or oil to protect themselves from harmful UV rays Nobody ever thinks that sunscreen penetrates the sea in large quantities during the high season and can harm the animals and plants that are found there.

Years ago, the Imedea Marine Research Institute, affiliated with the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), was one of the researchers. "We were able to measure, for example, that a day of average beach in summer, such as Peguera, up to four kilograms of titanium dioxide in the sea," says David Sánchez-Quiles, initiator of the Although the material is spreading, it may be that molds are distorted from the outside, but also harm algae and seaweed, and it is far from being the only one to be s & # 39; Attacking marine animals and thus destroying the ecological balance.

Less is more

Whoever wants to swim regularly or who resides in Mallorca with good conscience must choose the time of day. "If you take off the searing midday sun between 12 and 4 pm, you need more cream than the one that takes the beach before or after," says Antoni Sureda, professor of biochemistry at the UIB.

Anyone who needs to be near the water during the period mentioned, for example because of his work, should always wear a headgear and a t-shirt. "This not only protects the person, but also the sea because it is not necessary to apply cream all over the body," says Sureda.

Especially for children, it is advisable to wear them in addition to the swimsuit, clothes made of fine fabric, even if there are UVA rays that can pass. "The skin of children is thinner and, like that of the elderly, much more sensitive," says Sureda. "Unfortunately, most people feel uncomfortable in the summer.

Registration note

When applying sunscreen, you must always follow the respective application instructions and the specified duration, before you go to the water, to comply with the law, so that the lotion is absorbed. "Otherwise, even more toxins will be released directly into the sea," adds Sureda, who, according to Sánchez-Quiles, is not sure that all the creams that promise it are waterproof.

The biochemist also warns against too frequent post-creams. "Instead of creaming ten times, you can get the same effect three times.That's seven times that no toxin gets into the water," said Sureda, adding that the scientist wished that these suggestions are collected in flyers and then translated into brochures.

Instead of Sánchez-Quiles sprays usually advise to classic cream. Sunbathers avoid the inhalation of substances when they are used on the face. "Since most oils contain chemical filters, such as oxybenzone, they are not recommended," says Sánchez-Quiles.

Hawaii as a pioneer?

In addition to oxybenzone, the substance octinoxate is now banned on the Hawaiian Islands, both of which cause considerable damage to coral reefs, among others. At the European level, the amount of harmful ingredients is at least regulated precisely, says Sánchez-Quiles. In general, one can distinguish between chemical and physical sunscreens used in sunscreens. Chemical filters convert the UV rays of the skin into heat, while the physical rays reflect the sun's rays. Physical substances include titanium dioxide (titanio dioxide) and zinc oxide (zinc oxide). Sánchez-Quiles recommends you to buy products containing these ingredients or the phrase "without chemical filters" (sin filtros químicos). "We do not always find them in traditional shops or pharmacies, but on the Internet," says the marine chemist. He buys for his family on the site the only vegetable and mineral filters existing and biodegradable cream Soleá SPF30 (price: 32 euros).

(Not recommended

The Spanish Consumer Protection Organization OCU has recently tested 17 solar aerosols for children with a high SPF. They came to the conclusion that two products contained a factor much lower than what they specified: Isdin Fotoprotector Transparent Spray Pediatrics SPF 50+, namely only the sun protection factor 15 and the factor 30 Babaria Infantil Spray Protector SPF 50 +, unique. The products are withdrawn from the market. Garnier Delial Sensitive Advanced Bruma antiéna and Lidl's Cien Sun Spray in children's spray gun spray performed well.

Who recommends Greenpeace for the visit to the beach

Since plastic is also used in liquid form, for example for makeup, it is advantageous to control cosmetics for ingredients and products containing microplastic (this is hidden, for example, behind polyethylene [PE]Polypropylene [PP] or nylon). For sunscreens, those that do not contain acrylates or copolymers of acrylates are recommended. Instead of plastic bags for picnics at the beach, you should carry enough Stoffbeutel bags. Fabric alternatives do not blow so fast on the beach. Smokers should use refillable aids instead of disposable lighters. For thongs, please use a degradable material, such as natural latex. In addition, families should refrain from small-scale plastic toys that can quickly get lost in the sand. Even though sitting in the sand is tempting: Hungry visitors on the beach should eat fries or a burger directly in the Chiringuito with plates and cutlery rather than with a lot of packaging waste on their towel.