Comment on the forum "Silver Economy": positive point in the sad daily life

Online Medical Journal, 09.07.2019

Comment on the forum "Silver Economy"

Finland will hold the EU presidency for six months. Healthy aging is the central message of Helsinki.

By Wolfgang van den Bergh

It looks like a departure, it looks like a reorientation, it sounds so positive: the speech is taken from the "old program" of the Finnish presidency, charmingly called "Silver Economy Event", Tuesday and Wednesday in Helsinki. It's all about changing the image, understanding an aging society as an opportunity and not just focusing on the issues.

Realigning the vision of health, redefining social participation, strengthening responsibility for services of general interest, creating health literacy: these are the central points facing an aging society. Indeed: thick boards to drill here.

But the time to develop new plans and ideas is rare. Because the problems are numerous and present: there are no specialists in nursing, caregivers work to the limit and there is no master plan for health care and prevention, because vulnerable groups are many too rarely achieved.

In this moody mood, the EU Forum in Helsinki offers a small glimmer of hope. Key messages are formulated, known challenges in the field of chronic diseases. All you have left is to give the delicate little plant a chance.

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