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Coburg – After diagnosis, cancer is nothing for patients as before. In addition to treatment with conventional medicine, more and more patients are turning to alternative methods that are used in addition to treatment. But as the field of complementary or alternative medicine is immense, patients often feel lost between all offers. In order to answer the questions, but also to clarify the risks, the Cancer Patients Association Coburg and Environment e.V., in cooperation with the oncology center of the Coburg Regiomed Clinic, was able to get an experienced doctor. Teacher. Dr. Jutta Hübner will speak on Wednesday, July 17th from 5:30 pm at Haus Contact in Coburg. Your presentation should provide answers to questions such as: What is complementary and what alternative? How do you differentiate trustworthy offers? What can each do themselves? What is the meaning of nutrition and physical activity? What helps to fight the side effects of cancer treatment?

The conference

The Conference "Complementary Medicine for Cancer Patients" will take place on Wednesday 17 July at Haus Contact, Untere Realschulstraße 3 in Coburg. The beginning is at 17:30.

The lecturer Prof. med. Jutta Hübner is a specialist in internal medicine, hematology and internal oncology, as well as professor of integrative oncology of German aid against cancer at the Jena University Hospital.

The event is free. After the presentation, questions may be asked.

The organizer is the coburg association and environment of Förderverein cancer patients in cooperation with Regiomed Klinikum Coburg.

Professor Hübner will present the most important therapies of complementary oncology, understandable for the uninitiated, and will show how to differentiate proven naturopathic methods from useless and sometimes even harmful alternative medicine methods.

The importance of a healthy diet also plays an important role in the fight against cancer. The same goes for sports and physical activities. The doctor mentions simple methods that anyone can use against the side effects of tumor treatment. After the presentation, guests have the opportunity to speak to the speaker.

The conference is being held as part of the Patient Information Series "Life with Cancer" and is being organized by the Cobourg Cancer Cancer Patient Association and the Environment. Its chairman, Hans Morhard, is delighted by the large-scale distribution of the conference. "Jutta Hübner is an absolute expert in this field," he said. The association was founded in late 2000 and helps people with cancer, as well as their loved ones. It supports and promotes the Klinikum Coburg Oncology Center.

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