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The dental hygiene of children is a no-brainer for Playbrush. In the 25 countries where smart toothbrush gadgets are already available, but also in regions without access to dental products and dentists. Here, the Viennese startup is committed to improving care and launched the Brush4Good campaign. Every Playbrush user has been able to help with the daily cleaning of the first week of July! Playbrush donates a toothbrush for each cleaning unit during the promotional period, in support of the Dentaid projects and the Buhoma Community School in Uganda. Already 24 hours after the start of the action, 10,000 toothbrushes were coated.

With smart gadgets for toothbrushes, oral health experts are already helping children around the world to brush their teeth daily. But not all children have access to Toothbrush & Co. and a visit to the dentist is not possible. For Playbrush a reason to act. This summer, they launched the Brush4Good campaign, a charitable challenge that also helped Playbrush users become aids.

During the week of July 1-7, 40,793 toothbrushes were coated. Participants brushed their teeth diligently for seven days and helped Playbrush act.

Paul Varga, founder of the Dental Health startup, is delighted: "We are delighted that the Playbrush community is behind us and is so supportive of our projects." From the beginning of our corporate history, we donated products from dental care at Buhoma Community School, and we are all the more happy to be able to bring joy to many children again. "Playbrush, a partner of Dentaid, whose mission is to improve dental health globally. Volunteers from around the world provide free dental care and education in oral hygiene, reaching thousands of children worldwide.

As early as 2015, Playbrush's founder team, Paul Varga, donated dental products to the school in East Africa, as a thank you for his crowdfunding campaign that gave Playbrush momentum for its development. Today, it is the Playbrush Smart accessory and the Playbrush Smart Sonic electric sonic toothbrush that turn into game controllers via Bluetooth and allow kids to have fun while brushing themselves. the teeth. Connected to your smartphone or tablet via your own app, Playbrush not only motivates you to go to the sink every day, but also provides important information about the status quo of rendering quality with real-time feedback and helps improve it in a fun way.

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