Alzheimer's disease long before the first symptoms?

An early Alzheimer's blood test developed soon

Memory problems, concentration problems, confusion: when the patient feels the first symptoms of Alzheimer's, the progression of the disease can not be stopped. Because most of the disease develops over the course of ten to twenty years and goes unnoticed. During this transition period, researchers were able to detect changes in the brain. At the beginning of the disease, two proteins were deposited in the brain tissue. About five to ten years later, the metabolism dropped sharply. Subsequently, the nerve cells began to die. If there was an early test for Alzheimer's disease, some drugs could in principle stop the course of the disease. Theoretically, many of these drugs are currently in the testing phase. Nevertheless, it is hoped that effective drugs will soon be available. The earlier the patient is treated, the better.

Alzheimer's disease detection: German and American researchers work on a blood test

A new blood test gives hope that early diagnosis of patients with Alzheimer's disease will soon be possible. German scientists have succeeded in stimulating white blood cells from a reactive subject and have confirmed the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease due to specific cell modifications. As part of this project, the researchers were also able to diagnose other patients. An American company will now try to develop a biomarker based on the results and methodology of the project.

Early detection blood tests of Alzheimer's make

The diagnosis of patients with Alzheimer's disease is usually possible only because of pronounced symptoms. But if there is no scientific evidence, it can always lead us to errors. About a quarter of Alzheimer's patients were diagnosed subsequently. Although there are several more or less invasive tests, they are expensive and not suitable for widespread use. Although researchers can detect extinct neurons in affected individuals, the question remains whether Alzheimer's disease is really the cause. Because other age-related diseases could lead to it. With a blood test but in a few hours would be clear if the patient is really suffering from dementia.