20 minutes – The most useful apps for summer holidays

If you are planning a city trip this summer, you can quickly get from A to B. Citymapper plans transit routes in 42 major cities around the world. The application compares routes by bus, train, subway, tram, taxi, bike, scooter or on foot.


Do you use your smartphone during the holidays or do you prefer to put it away?

On Bookbeat, you can stream more than 10 000 audio books in six different languages. In reality, the application calculates a monthly fee of 15 euros, but the first two weeks it is free. Whoever downloads them the day before his departure has unlimited audio books for lazy days on the beach or in bed at the hotel. Incidentally, the app also offers many children's audio books, so that boredom does not occur during long car trips or thefts.


Lost in translation? This application helps. If you are traveling to a country where you do not speak the language or the police, this application should not be missing on your smartphone. Google Translate translated 103 languages ​​- there are still 59 languages ​​without internet connection. It also translates text on images into 38 languages ​​as soon as the smartphone's camera focuses on it. The application can also directly translate a conversation between two people.

With App Postcard Creator, you can send free holiday photos as a postcard with short text. The Swiss Post app is free and does not offer a lot of creative freedom. She sends her holiday wishes to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. If you want to send more than one postcard per day, you have to pay for each additional 2 francs. Paid postcards are ad-free compared to the free postcard and therefore offer more space for text.

Before leaving, you should download the SAS Survival Guide on your smartphone. The application is the digitized version of the book of John "Lofty" Wiseman, a former member of the Special Service of the British Air Force (SAS). It provides help and survival tips in almost all emergencies – for example, how to make a fire, if the match is wet, or how to collect dew and raindrops in extremely dry areas for drinking. . The application is only available in English. With the free version, the information is limited.

If you do not book your vacation through a travel agency, but have planned your own, Tripit and Google Trips will be very useful. If travel planning applications have access to their own e-mail account, they search for all travel information in airline, hotel, and car rental confirmation emails and create a route or location. travel itinerary. Tripit is currently available only in English. Google Trips is available in seven languages ​​(including German) and is also available offline.

This app helps to prevent sunburn. Especially useful if you have children or even forgot to apply sunscreen occasionally. The UV lens takes into account different skin types and calculates how long you can stay in the sun with and without sunscreen. In addition, the current location can be easily entered. Once done, it will calculate the best time to be outside. A UV index can predict the strength of UV exposure at the specified location over the next two days. If you wish, you may receive a reminder when the sun protection time is needed. The application is only available in English.