What can anti-cellulite tools with ultrasound for the home do? 2

What can anti-cellulite tools with ultrasound for the home do?

Treatments for cellulite can be booked by the dermatologist or the trusted beauty institute, using a variety of methods – ranging from body wrap to lymphatic drainage, through cold therapy and liposuction. In addition, irradiation of delligen conjunctival tissue with LED light or ultrasonic waves is not new and promises visible effects. However, all of these methods require the use of an experienced expert, including to prevent risks and side effects. So, how much ultrasonic cellulite treatment in automatic application?

Skin Care: This causes the irradiation of cellulite by ultrasound

The irradiation of the skin with ultrasonic impulses is known above all as an anti-aging and revitalization method, for example to obtain a deeper development of the active substances applied later or to stimulate the natural cellular regeneration. For the smoothing of cellulite, the same effect is used. Because ultrasound pulses heat the deeper layers of the skin, generate the finest vibrations in the tissues, stimulate microcirculation and blood circulation, and stimulate cell metabolism and self-healing processes in the tissues. tissue. At the same time, the membrane of some fat cells is damaged, which releases fluid deposits from the tissues and evacuates them more effectively.

Due to the improved synthesis of collagen and the fluid exiting the tissue, the connective tissue fiber web would gain significantly in elasticity, making the skin surface smoother and firmer inside. In addition, the ultrasound treatment should then improve the mode of action on the skin of anti-cellulite massage treatments, for example based on caffeine or green tea extracts.


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Anti-cellulite: Does ultrasonic irradiation also work at home?

The effects of ultrasonic irradiation make the method extremely attractive. Those who want to treat cellulite in self-care can do it with one of the many ultrasound devices available on the market, but must be aware of certain risks – not without reason, methods that treat the skin with a heat effect produced artificially, usually in the field of dermatology. Therefore, it is particularly important to obtain sufficient information before buying and comparing different devices. It pays to invest a little more in order to get the highest possible ultrasound machine – and above all the safer one.

Ultrasonic equipment for cellulite: you must pay attention to this when buying and using

Above all, special attention should be paid to the quality of the product, for example, on the recommendation of a doctor, seal of approval or corresponding reviews by other users. In addition, the device should only be used in accordance with the product instructions. For example, it is important that there is always enough contact fluid between the transducer and the skin surface (which is usually included).

Treat cellulite safely: possible risks of DIY devices

If the ultrasonic device is not used properly, for example because the intensity is too strong or the treatment time too long, skin lesions may result – harmless irritation, redness and swelling, bruising and scarring. Added to this is the type of skin and the resulting treatment response. Therefore, for newcomers to ultrasound, a detailed consultation and treatment by the dermatologist are first recommended. With good compatibility, you can then try ultrasound therapy in self-administration.

It is important to scrupulously follow the way the ultrasound machine is used and to strictly adhere to the recommended skin irradiation intensity and the indicated duration. The manufacturer Ultramed, for example, plans for the treatment of cellulite a radiation intensity of 1 MHz for a period of about five to ten minutes. In comparison: 1 MHz ultrasound beams penetrate deeper into the tissue than radii of about 3 MHz. Health restrictions, such as implants, pregnancy, heart disease or vascular disease, are strongly discouraged. In case of doubt, treatment by an experienced doctor is always preferable to self-administration.

How to treat cellulite without ultrasound

Certainly, it is difficult to smooth out cellulite and get rid of it permanently – also because it occurs regardless of the size of the dress or age. A diet low in salt and sugar, the absence of white flour, plenty of water to drink and regular exercise can however effectively prevent the formation or deterioration of delligem tissue. In addition, skin massages with special anti-cellulite products and alternating cold / hot showers can improve the firmness of the tissues.