That saves you 500 calories a day – without realizing it

If you want to get rid of one or the other kilo until the end of the summer holidays, we have prepared ultra-efficient thin tips, thanks to which you can easily save up to To 500 calories a day without you realizing it …

The summer is in full swing, but the Beachbody still arrives – getting rid of the extra pounds once on the hips sometimes seems harder than expected. because strict diets do not really make fun of summer temperatures and long evenings, but provide accurate nutrition plans, a waiver and disciplined with himself. But if you do not want to be so strict with yourself and fully enjoy the warm months, We now have simple tips that can be used easily and incidentally throughout the day so you can easily save 500 calories. What are these, we tell you here …

1. chew properly

This sounds very simple, but has a remarkable effect: who eats consciously, chews slowly and long, and does not just swallow his food, eats automatically less. The reason: in the body, a feeling of satiety settles at the earliest after 15 minutes. Meanwhile, fast eaters can devour a lot before they even feel full. However, those who have carefully and consciously chewed bites before the 15-minute time limit can easily save 30% (!) Calories per meal.

2. Small portions

To beat the 15-minute rule already mentioned, it is also advisable to bet on smaller portions. By the time we have emptied the plate, satiety may already be resolved – and if necessary, we can always take over! In addition, it is wise to eat smaller dishes, because studies by American scientist Brian Wansink have shown that the size of the plate also determines the amount of food.

3. Have a hearty breakfast

Nutella croissants, pancakes and breads are real calorie bombs because they contain tons of sugar, but contain virtually no important nutrients such as protein and fiber. As a result, they do not last very long, but after only a few hours they can make them hungry again. So it is best to take a hearty breakfast and in the morning to put eggs, oatmeal and whole grains. We save calories and stay satisfied for a long time.

4. Water instead of lemonade

The lemonade contains about 40 calories per 100 grams, which during the day is rather heavy and involves hidden calories. It is therefore better to put water. Not only is it the healthiest option, but we do not consume extra and unnecessary calories. If the water does not taste, it can be enriched with fresh fruits and herbs that also have a positive effect on our body.

5. Leave aside dishes and fat sauces

Here is an extra portion of sauce and there is a little cheese on it, which can spread over the course of the day, quite affecting our caloric balance. Sometimes, the dangers are hidden even where they would not be suspected, for example in salad in the form of croutons, vinaigrette and cheese. So if you pay attention with sauces and other fries or portion of fries for a salad, you can save a lot of calories during the day.

6. Have a healthy snack

But a huge calorie trap is also a snack that we eat without thinking all day. Chocolate, muesli bars and more should be exchanged for healthy snacks, such as nuts, fruits or vegetable sticks, such as peppers, carrots or celery. If you do not want to chew the piece of chocolate, it is better to use variants with high cocoa content. Here you'll find the best summer snacks with less than 100 calories.

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