So the skin stays tight on the arms, legs and the like.

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the human body? Probably already. That's why you do not mind the stress and expense associated with maintaining the healthy, young, and fresh look of your skin. However, if you only focus on your skin care routine, you ignore the remaining 95% of your skin. To keep your arms, legs and legs tight and young as long as possible, you should also give these areas a little bit of anti-aging attention.

Anti-aging for the skin of arms and legs

Moisture is the key to a beautiful skin. That's why you should regularly use cream for the skin to hydrate the whole body. If you still notice that the skin of your arms and legs is wrinkled, apply an anti-aging product to the affected areas. Use a cream or serum containing ingredients such as caffeine, guarana or hyaluron.

For wrinkled hands, anti-aging hand creams (very important: with a sun protection factor) help. And with the daily shaving of the legs, you avoid the shaving cream that dries the skin and can cause irritation. Better: an oil. This moisturizes and ensures that the razor glides gently over the skin.

Funky skin: Anti-aging for the neck and décolleté

The traces of time do not spare your neck and your cleavage (keyword: turkey neck), but thankfully, you can fix it. This includes the spread of your facial care routine in these areas. This means: From now on, you will also treat these areas with cleaners, scrubs, masks and toners. However, be sure to use light products such as serums because most creams are too rich for the thin skin of the neck and décolleté. Products containing antioxidants such as vitamins C, E, D and B are preferable as they protect sensitive skin from harmful environmental influences.