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This is a dilemma that most parents face once. The delicate Babypo is fiery red and do a lot of harm to your little darling. That's the fault of that hot and humid climate in the diaperIn combination with friction, sensitive skin becomes red and painful. In turn, damaged skin facilitates the spread of fungi and bacteria. The result: an open and inflamed skin, also called diaper rash.

What is gluteal erythema?

Diaper rash is one of the most common skin diseases found in infants and young children. Rash in the intimacy and buttocksIn the humid and hot region of the diaper, fungi and bacteria can multiply particularly well. In about 75% of cases, it is a fungal infection called Windelsoor. Babies aged nine to twelve months are particularly affected. But even the incontinent elderly can suffer from diaper dermatitis.

Dermatitis of the diaper: symptoms

Is the skin in addition attacked by a mushroomThe symptoms increase again. The skin is much redder and the edges are clearly defined and squamous.

What are the causes of diaper rash?

Most parents know this: once too late, the diaper has been changed and the butt is already bright red. This is mainly due to the strong ammoniathis happens when the layer is worn too long. Other reasons for diaper dermatitis:

  • diarrhea
  • infections
  • spicy or sour food
  • antibiotics or other drugs that alter the intestinal and cutaneous environment
  • hypersensitivity or allergies to diapers and skincare products used
  • baby teethe and are more sensitive to redness and rash at this stage of development

Skin lesions in the diaper area may other diseases (eg, psoriasis, allergies, seborrheic eczema in infants). The pediatrician can make the correct diagnosis and initiate the appropriate treatment.

Prevent diaper rash – you can do it

It is important in all respects that the Po stays dry. These measures succeed in:

  • Frequent changes of diapers (in the newborn every two hours, later every three to four hours) and especially the immediate change of the diaper after defecation.
  • Cautious and cautious Drying of the diaper after cleaning or bathing. Do not forget the folds of the skin!
  • Stroll or crawl naked so that air and light reach your buttocks.
  • suckled Babies are less prone to diaper dermatitis because their stools can be injured. at a lower pH.
  • care products Use without chemical additives or perfumes.

How to treat a painful and inflamed butt?

  • Anti-inflammatory ointment, something against fungal or bacterial attacks (ointments containing cortisone or antifungal), in case of strong bacterial attack can be necessary antibiotics.
  • With ointments Dexpanthenol or zinc promote healing.
  • chamomile baths soothe the affected skin (pour 1 liter of chamomile tea into the bath water).
  • Few drops breastmilk on the painful skin site relieve skin irritation.
  • Black tea calm the painful skin.
  • A gluteal heals better and faster, however a lot of light and air comes to the skin air impermeable.
  • the plastic layers avoid. will find more topics on breast milk, brushing teeth and everything else you should know about baby, child and pregnancy.
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