Pesticide exemption request – news Aichach

Bund Naturschutz shows a film and makes an application to Pöttmes

The film "The Miracle of Mals", presented by Bund Naturschutz (NL) with the Pöttmeser Kulturreferat at the Kultursaal in Pöttmes, attracted a lot of interest from Pöttmes. During the discussion that followed, it was said that more and more people were ready to contribute to nature-friendly agriculture and that more needed to be done.

The film describes the use of a village in South Tyrol for a ban on pesticides. People are fighting against the apple lobby of South Tyrol. However, it is possible to implement a crop protection spray ban for traditional apple orchards in the municipality of Mals.

Visitors were then able to discuss the use of arable poisons in this country with the BN Ortsvorsitzenden Elisabeth Birkmeir and the organic farmer Stephan Kreppold of Wilpersberg (Aichach). According to this announcement, many stakeholders shared the view that an intact cultural landscape and agriculture that, in addition to food production, also protects the living, deserves to be protected. The community and the entire county has been asked to become a model region free of pesticides.

Birkmeir did not take the argument that low-income people would have difficulty affording organic food. Those who do not buy pre-packaged foods, but more staple foods, process them themselves and reduce their meat intake, can very well afford to buy from high quality organic foods from the region. Kreppold demanded that more organic foods be offered in schools, especially since the district had just been declared a model biological region.

At the market town council this week, the NL's request was on the agenda, according to which Pöttmes should be a pesticide-free community. It was briefly discussed. However, since the meeting had already been under way for more than three hours, the local councils split up at the beginning of the controversial discussions and were adjourned after a majority vote. (AN, nsi)

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