Neustädter Praxis now under the roof of Thüringen-Kliniken | Pößneck

Neustadt. The Thüringen-Kliniken Medical Center continued to expand on 1 July. The practice of the internist Faiez Baghdadi from Neustadt now belongs to the municipal group of hospitals based in Saalfeld. This request has been confirmed by Thüringen-Kliniken.

Faiez Baghdadi, a specialist in internal medicine, has been based in Neustadt since 1992. He was fortunate enough to come to the region, he says. About his former employer, the University Hospital of Jena, the young doctor was asked if he would not help at the Neustädter hospital. As he was just in love with a girl from Orlastadt, he did not hesitate a second: he changed jobs and his girlfriend became his wife, with whom he is still married.

After the closure of the Neustädter Hospital, Faiez Baghdadi used for the first time in 1992 rooms located on the Arnshaugker road to be fired in early 1994 in the Ernst-Thälmann-Straße 91, where still finds his firm today. Some time ago, a patient had praised this choice of location with the following words: "In front of the church and right next to the pharmacy, there can be no better place for a medical office ", quotes the doctor with a smile.

For patients, nothing changes after the management of the practice including all colleagues by the Thuringian clinics. Location, office hours or services – "everything stays as it is," says the medical company. Patients who change their practice would notice at most on the letterhead.

Faiez Baghdadi treats many thousands of people every year. The internist specializes in angiology, a branch of internal medicine focused on vascular diseases, and in gastroenterology, which seeks solutions for patients with gastrointestinal and intestinal diseases.

"I have always invested in the most modern equipment," said Baghdadi. He welcomes the rapid development of the technical field, which improves diagnostics. After all, this benefits his patients, who are not only at home in the district of Saale-Orla, but also go to Neustadt from cities such as Erfurt, Jena, Chemnitz, Bayreuth and Hof.

Why is he slipping his practice under the roof of the Thuringia-Kliniken? "After many years of excellent cooperation between my practice and the Thuringian clinics, particularly in angiology and gastroenterology, we have had discussions to deepen this close cooperation, which has subsequently led to the admission of my practice to Medical Center ", summarizes Faiez Baghdadi during the negotiations, which would have led fairly quickly to a satisfactory result for both parties.

"I love to work a lot," says the 61-year-old doctor, originally from Syrian Damascus and settled in Germany since 1984. Besides medicine and technology, his family is one of his great passions. "The family is important, without them, I can not imagine my life," says Faiez Baghdadi.

The Thuringia-Kliniken Medical Center now has 26 medical offices in six cities in Saalfeld-Rudolstadt and Saale-Orla districts. The extension of the first site of Neustädter was not the first this year. On 1 January, the internist's office of doctor Berit Giese in Pößneck and the gynecology practice of doctor Angelika Pfeifer were taken over in Bad Lobenstein. Doctors of various disciplines work in the MVZ, for example general practitioners, angiologists, surgeons, dermatologists, gynecologists, internists, pediatricians, neurologists, orthopedists, psychiatrists and radiologists.

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