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New office manager introduced

With the concept "Health Region Plus", the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care aims to improve general medical care and prevention. The district of Augsburg is also one of 50 health regions funded by Bavaria, in which the offer is to be optimized through networking of local actors. Essentially, a health forum will be set up with various working groups made up of representatives from the health, health promotion and prevention sectors. The central interface for the organization and coordination of the health region is represented by the office located at the National Health Office of the district office of Augsburg. At the beginning of July, Jana Schlosser was appointed new branch manager. She had previously held other functions, including the organization of health programs in the kindergartens and schools of southern Bavaria.

Here are what the next steps for the health region plus in the district look like

As a basis for all future projects, the office will prepare a needs analysis, which will seek to obtain a global overview of the existing health care supply. Subsequently, concrete measures were developed that could be extended to health care and health promotion. "One of the main objectives will be to ensure that the range of health care is accessible to all citizens of the county, in terms of equal opportunities," says the new head of the office, Jana Schlosser . Depending on the starting position, this could for example be achieved by helping the various actors to differentiate their offers and thus avoiding unnecessary competition. "Together with the office, we create a competent interface in which the health sector of our district is the subject of a centralized investigation and where institutions and communities are knowledgeable in a competent way," Martin said. Sailer, District Administrator. "In the medium and long term, we are expanding cooperation and networking within the medical infrastructure, which has a direct positive effect on the quality of life in our region."