Inconsistency around Blue Badges must stop

The "contradiction" surrounding the blue badge in Wales must stop, said a rallying committee.

Directives for local authorities are not legally binding, i. Of the 22 tips, the system is managed in different ways.

In some areas, specialized occupational therapists are used to evaluate candidates, while others rely on assessments by non-professional staff.

The AMs also discovered that the renewal of blue badges can be difficult and potentially invasive.

The report calls on local authorities to help local authorities to allow people with disabilities to access goods and services by placing them in a park near their destination in a legal manner.

A spokesman for the Welsh Government said: "We welcome this report and the opportunity to provide evidence, look at the results and respond in a timely manner."

"No real information"

Tina Scharf of Knighton Powys, who helped the panel, said it was "very difficult" for people to apply for a blue badge.

Aged 55, she has been using a wheelchair for 15 years because of the Arnold-Chiari malformation, which affects the development of the brain and spinal cord.

She also had to ask her father for a blue badge because he "did not know where to start", which would have left him "at home".

Sharp said many people are using libraries to seek help for their applications, but 10 libraries in Powys are threatened with closure.

"There is no real information, people need to be even more aware of where they can apply.

"When it comes to parking where I am at the border, you do not know what it is to park for people with disabilities or if we pay," she added.

Peter Russ of Pembrokeshire said: "There is a certain group of people that you know you will not want better.

"They should not be rated as often as they are, it should look like a driver's license where the badge is 10 years old for people with certain conditions."

Blue badge offer denied, above benefits and anger against "laziness without disability" Note woman pursued her blue badge

The charity Tenovus Cancer told the AMs: "Some [Räte] insist that customers who make an appointment to complete an application in other areas allow our Čsav [Krebs Support] in an application, send a customer name.

"Some have paper applications available online, others do not, others insist on criticism, others do not.

"Some take letters from CNS [klinische Krankenschwester Spezialisten]others not. Some accept letters from general practitioners, others do not. "

There is no formal way to appeal a blue insignia decision, but those concerning equality, local government and people found on community committees can again provide more information.

But she often said that this information was confusing or was missing.

She also revealed that those who automatically have the right to not have to re-apply for blue insignia are those who require additional testing, including people with degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, even when the disease lasts a lifetime.

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Committee Chair John Griffiths said, "Blue badges are a lifeline for a number of people in our society.

"Without you, many would struggle to access essential services such as consulting a medical appointment.

"The difficulty of visiting stores and having recreational facilities decreases your ability to lead an independent life and you may become more isolated and trapped at home.

The committee recommended the creation of a statutory working group for the program, which meets regularly and includes people with experience of the system.

He also wants to enable a process, people with chronic illness or worsening in their lifetime, who automatically expand, and candidates want to challenge a decision.

Date Updated: Jul 08, 2019 00:53