Emergency Hands Emergency – Hospital Rush – Bone And Cracks

Emergency Hands Emergency – Hospital Rush – Bone And Cracks
My sweet girl fell from the basket and broke both bones in her forearm! We looked at Lowe's decorations, and Dad checked when Trinity decided to get into the basket to touch the lights. Needless to say, she lost her balance and fell back from the basket. She tried to beat her fall with a hand that eventually ended: (Mom first thought she smacked her head on a hard floor until her dad came and she told her that her hands were hurt. You can immediately say that she was beaten We took it she was hospitalized and spent 3-4 hours there and no surgery was needed, we just had to put her hand on her and put her in the spy until she swelled.
This happened before we reached the Trinity Channel, and we didn't want it to be the first video. So we've reached our channel and now we've introduced it!
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