Cycling through Budapest

Rabbi Sievers, as a cyclist, you participate in the European Maccabi Games (EMG) in Budapest, how did it go?
I started cycling as part of my fitness program, and then I heard about a group of cyclists on the Maccabi organized by Freddy Ries in Baden-Baden. I contacted him and Freddy convinced me to join Budapest. Since then, I have trained not only for my private fitness, but also to participate in the EMG.

Do you exercise regularly or only when it suits you?
I try to train five times a week, preferably in the morning. Not between the two. I can not drive slowly, so I have to shower afterwards and change clothes. If the weather is bad, I prefer to drive with a simulation computer at home.

They said that cycling was a private fitness program. What did he do and did you change diets?
One of the reasons for doing so much sport was that I did not want to give up my beloved noodles. But I'm eating something more controlled now. It was more like before when I ate pizza late at night (laughs). I have been driving for almost a year now and have lost 20 pounds.

What kind of feeling does cycling give you: now, am I off? Or: do you free your head?
In endurance sports, the goal is to train 80% of the athletes in the field of endurance, that is to say that only 20% really go to the top. That's why I try to keep my heart rate low during exits. Of course, there are two souls arguing in me, one wants to have a good average high speed and the other says, take care of your pulse. But I'm pretty good at staying in the field of endurance.

What gives you cycling except fitness?
I am now so far away that I no longer need to fend for myself to be able to think about the problems, what is waiting for us.

Have you also acquired the necessary equipment for the EMG?
This is done in several stages. After starting cycling, I thought that road cycling was also smart, and I bought a beginner bike. But when I knew I was going to Budapest, I felt even less competitive, so I bought a second road bike. In addition, of course, good running clothing is important.

Have you started in the cycling events or will Budapest be your first official competition?
This will be the first competition. Five weeks ago, the first training course at the EMG in Baden-Baden also took place with a small race against the clock. A group of us participated in "Around Cologne". Before Budapest, we will meet here in Berlin for a class.

What did you do for Budapest?
The condition is not to embarrass me. Of course, I will not oppose victory. First of all, I want our team to be successful, it's the most important thing for me. I am happy if I can go through and help the team. The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States also registered. They will be our main opponents.

And you are looking forward to Budapest?
I went there a few years ago with the rabbinic conference. I am really looking forward to it, yes. It's like Machane.

Heide Sobotka spoke with the Rabbi of Berlin.