Bill Cosby Update: A shameful comedian for healthy eating in prison and for losing weight

Bill Cosby, who spent three to ten years on the addiction and sexual assault of a woman in 2004, opted for a healthy diet to lose weight. According to Sunday's TMZ newspaper, the disgraced comedian left carbs and sweets to maintain a healthy lifestyle in prison.

"From the day he was convicted of sexual assault, Cosby gave up unhealthy food.We were told that he had touched neither bread nor desserts, nor bars of prison filled with Starch and sugar, "said Andrew Wyatt, spokesperson for Cosby, according to TMZ.

Cosby has stopped drinking coffee and is eating mainly fruits and vegetables.

The 81-year-old representative told TMZ that Cosby did not want to become an obese or diabetic inmate, so he decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Besides the diet, the comedian also trains on a stationary bike and makes crunches to reduce the extra pounds. Wyatt stated that Cosby had lost a considerable amount of weight since being incarcerated, from 220 pounds to 187 pounds.

Cosby, who would have taken his role as "father of America" ​​in prison by paying tribute to his fellow inmates, appealed his conviction for sexual assault in June after being detained at SCI Phoenix Prison. Cosby's lawyers filed the motion, claiming that five of the female prosecutors would not have testified at her second trial. He also claimed that the judge, who had refused to release him on bail at the time of his appointment, had done so by "racial hatred".

While Cosby continues to fight for his release, it seems like he's spending his time behind bars. Raheem Shackleford, a former prison inmate, laughs and jokes with his fellow inmates.

"Once he left the cell and that he came out of the unit, it's no longer that Bill Cosby, there's nothing about it." other, "Shackleford told Inside Edition in May.