Because of her menopause: Carol Vorderman had depression 2

Because of her menopause: Carol Vorderman had depression

For Carol Vorderman (58), menopause was a real test of resistance. The television presenter is probably known to British viewers, especially for their remarkable curves. Above all, she directed the popular TV game "Countdown" for 26 years. Well, that was Carol Guest at ITV Confidential BodyShe has openly clarified the changes that age brings to women. at Carol However, these were not limited to hot flashes and mild mood swings. She was suffering from severe depression because of menopause.

"I had this terrible hormonal depression"The 58-year-old woman described her complaints. "I do not use the word recklessly, it was really horrible." During menopause, the presenter also suddenly took more than six pounds in just two weeks. The cause was apparently the interaction with his spiral of hormone. "That's why I had to remove it," she recalls. "It took me a year to get rid of that weight."

Carol In itself, it is not a big supporter of calorie counting and physical fitness. She revealed that since 1999 she was no longer on a ladder. "I do not really know how much I weigh, and I do not care, because I choose the size of my dress"she explained. She stays fit, among other things, on long hikes. In addition, then Carol, more than 20,000 squats a year allow him to keep his buttocks tight.

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Carol Vorderman, TV presenter
Carol Vordermann in July 2018Getty Images

Carol Vordermann in July 2018
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Carol Vorderman, television face

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