With the jade comb, you should simply eliminate cellulite

You already know the jade scooter and the gua-sha stone for a radiant facial massage. Another beauty tool comes to us from the Far East. It should not only make you look more beautiful, but thinner: the jade At first glance, Kamm looks like the Gua Sha stone, but with its small dull ripples, it is intended for a full body massage based on Chinese medicine "Yang Sheng ".

Here's how the Hayo & # 39; u method works

Celebrities such as Elizabeth Hurley and supermodel Elle Macpherson swear by the detoxifying effect and cleanser for the skin of a brush massage. Because lymphatic drainage toxins are transported tissues.

The jade comb is supposed to do a lot of good with its effect similar to acupressure: by shaking your body from head to toe with this beauty tool, not only is the blood circulation stimulated, the retention of water is removed from the body and cellulite is relieved. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the jade comb should also awaken the vital energy ("chi") of your meridians and dissolve blockages. This is not only meant to reduce stress and headaches, but to reduce weight loss.

Against cellulite and weight loss: the benefits of the jade comb

"After my twin pregnancy, seven years ago, I was still overweight and I was not able to lose weight.I felt weak and had heavy legs.After massage with a comb. of jade, I felt light and refreshed, "said Katie Brindle in an interview. She discovered the tool during a spa treatment a few months ago in Shanghai.

"The meridians extend from the front of the body to the back, the jade crest massage follows these lines to stimulate the flow of energy and release blockages," explains the British and founding beauty of Hayo & # 39; u .


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For example, a blockade of the "Dai-Mai meridian" that circulates around the waist as a belt may be responsible for a build-up of fat, explains Katie Brindle.

Since she uses the jade comb for five minutes each morning and evening, accompanied by a few drops of body oil, she would have lost 2.5 inches in girth on her thighs. His cellulite is apparently visibly improved. No wonder the Briton wants to promote the Hayo & u method across Europe.