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On the Niers of Jan an Fähr in Kessel: three and a half hours of pure nature, crystal clear waters and unknown perspectives.

"Think about the cap, sunscreen and anti-snoring," says the good advice of Waltraud van Bonn. Anti-snoring? insect repellent! Anyone who reserves a boat with her as "freizeitexperten.de" to paddle or move a raft is maternal. "And when you accost, do not forget to bring your basket with you!" Then with a cream hat, she left with four friends on the water.

"A little forest and more shingles" in the upper part of the Niers

The foursome was not alone in Niers last weekend. Clubs, businesses and classes met. Everyone wanted to enjoy the last weekend before the holidays. Most of them are already climbing over "Jan Fähr's year", for example from Wissen, because the Niers are already renatured "a little bit of forest and more than noise, "says Ulrich Schwarz, another boat supplier. "All the owners have a cooperation with the Niersverband," he says. It also means that all boats must be out of the water at 6 pm. After all, they will be billed and transported to residential areas to their "home ports".

Even Jan Jan's drive from Fähr to Kessel is a wonderful experience of nature on crystal clear water, even though the river is not winding yet and the big renaturation has not arrived yet.

One of the gangs of the four waters, his "gray wolf", his boat that he himself made in the language of the Inuit called "Amaruq". In addition, his paddle is a brand "Eskimopaddel" homemade, very noble cedar wood and ash, but surprisingly narrow. "Do you have enough water displacement?" He did it. It weighs only 700 grams and is therefore ideal for long distances. Well then go. Three and a half hours are in front of the group of four.

Break with the current when the arms become lame

The other three split into a kayak for two and one person. The couple in the double room has fun until the end and enjoys the idyll. When his arms become paralyzed, he pauses, separates or sprints together, drifts in the current or sits against the opposite wind. The woman in one fights alone, the boat is handy, but also sensitive to all the moves of the beginner. It's tired. The gray wolf, meanwhile, has experience … and a tow rope. This relaxes the situation.

The ducks approach without shyness. A mother keeps her cubs in the nest in the middle of the Niers – does it drift from the shore or is laid out here? You can navigate around him. Above Wachtendonk, there are also swans with their opportunities. They are not allowed to be so close to biting them.

Water travelers also push their raft

Along the way, everyone greets every traveler who navigates the water. Beer-joyous clubs on the group boat, school classes that proudly built their own raft. Or even in neighborhoods where the raft journey is proceeding too slowly, so that older children and young people descend and push and pull the dinghy or raft through the deep water.

The Nier is really not "overcrowded". Pure nature. In Goch-City you can see Nierswelle, Bridges, Magdalena Church from an unknown point of view. In the end are the excavators, which first transformed the nature before recovering. It's already obvious: you can expect this renatured area.

More suppliers: http://www.gocher-nierstouren.de/

Willkommen auf der Niers!