This hormone could be the reason

Despite a healthy diet and sports, you can not get rid of unwanted unwanted pounds? A new study indicates that this is probably due to a fadder hormone!

At the moment, in summer, we want our body to be in good shape for the bikini season. Strict diets, insane workouts and unbearable fasting have been the last months of many women's agenda. Stress, age and bad genes are usually the first reasons why we discuss it, what many people do not know, is that Hormones also play an important role in weight loss. In fact, they can affect it positively or negatively. and decide if we get rid of the last extra pounds or not …

Losing weight: These hormones prevent you from doing it

Several studies have recently shown that many hormones can disrupt our weight. Therefore, experts advise to pay attention to the hormonal value of these in the choice of foods and to modify our diet accordingly: So with insulin, leptin, estrogen and others are to handle with caution and conscience. but According to experts, some messenger substance would be responsible for all our weight problems. It is about growth hormones (also known as GH). These are responsible not only for the growth process of the human body, but also affects the appetite and the metabolism in a negative way!

Growth Hormones: That's why you do not lose weight

The so-called GH receptors, which are activated when we try to lose weight, stimulate the production of specific neurons, which in turn prevent weight loss by strengthening our appetite and inhibiting our metabolism. What seems terrifying at first is not irreversible! Since scientists are still in the early stages of their studies, the solution to this problem is not yet widely known. Nevertheless, if you want to know if these fattening hormones are to blame for not having the weight of your dreams, you can: seek advice from an endocrinologist. This is considered the hormone expert in doctors and can use a blood picture to determine what ultimately misses your body to lose weight.

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