So we have to flee the last kilos before the holidays

Jogging helps to lose weight

Fast always beach-shaped? Hot summer bodies are actually made in the winter, but of course there are still some tips and tools to lose weight. What really helps: Jogging! As true sports fans, our fitness writers, Anna Kriller and Sebastian Priggemeier, keep fit all year, of course, but they are also fine – tuning. Here betray both, what devices and tips help (for the first update of fitness of our editors, it goes here).

The discoveries of the month of Sebastian

Pretty form: Christine Theiss keeps the form running, among other things.


Of course, running is a fat killer – it's common knowledge. The jogging program is even more effective with a combination of running and strength training. This dramatically increases calorie consumption (and fat burning). Either you go for a jog to do gymnastics at the gym, or you have endurance and strength training during a preparatory session: pumps, squats, etc. can be great at the roadside (10 to 15 repetitions per exercise, then keep running and take the next exercise two minutes later).

The book "Pimp your Running" * by Dr. med. Christine Theiss is full of ingenious exercise ideas that turn park benches into fitness equipment. Bodybuilding in the gym? Christine Theiss had no desire for her career as a professional athlete. That's why the world champion kickboxing shifted her muscle training to the countryside and toned her belly, legs and buttocks during her daily jog. You can do it too (you can find a training plan for absolute beginners).

The intervals make the fat cell vapor

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor not only measures the heart rate, it can also be used for synchronization. This model of Polar costs just under 210 euros.


Goodbye, small fat cells of the belly! You have been my companion long enough. Goodbyes will be short and pain free – okay, maybe not quite painless for me. After all, the intervals during the running training are really exhausting, but they bring so much that I can only recommend them.

How does interval training work? Quite simply, they do not work at the same tempo for 30 minutes, but they save several short sprint phases. In short, this means that the sprint phases last between 20 seconds (for beginners) and one minute (for advanced). 3 to 5 intervals per drive are absolutely sufficient. This seems little, but has a significant effect on endurance and calorie balance.

A good clock helps to time intervals. Simply set the desired sprint time, press the button and it is gone. Of course, this is also possible with any normal watch, but I recently noticed the Polar Vantage M *. It also measures the wrist pulse (the pulse control protects against overloading), records the distance traveled by the GPS and shows the evolution of my racing performance with the help of a plan. personalized and customizable race.

The good deals of Anna of the month

Magnesium citrate from "natural elements"

Magnesium can prevent calf cramps and sore muscles – and even help us lose weight!

Natural elements

Whenever I "ride" in the staircase that leads to my apartment after walking (yes, that's what I feel), after the first floor, I'd like to turn around or at least pause. It refines and burns in the thighs. The problem: my apartment is unfortunately on the third floor …

In order to quickly prevent oncoming muscular pain, I am looking for magnesium after training. This not only helps to fight muscle pain and leg cramps, but also speeds up fat loss, as one study from the "Journal of Nutrition" explains.

According to the study, magnesium can increase the level of adiponectin, a tissue hormone. This, along with other hormones, regulates our hunger pangs, our food intake and our lipid metabolism and enhances the effect of insulin on our fat cells. If our adiponectin levels are low, we tend to be overweight. A high level, on the other hand, acts as a protection. In addition, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is lower with a high level of adiponectin.

Magnesium in effervescent form or in tablets is available in pharmacies. In concentrated form, you can buy it, for example, in the form of vegan magnesium citrate from "natural elements" * online.

Get off the couch – in the mountains!

with all my heart: my courses

A jog book is great for anyone who wants to collect and maybe even give away his favorite running tracks.


In order to improve my race training and bring a little variety, I do not just run in a straight line, I consciously choose ways to overcome different stairs and heights. As a result, I challenge myself again and again – and the course is not boring. An added benefit: Similar to interval training, you also burn extra calories – and so the fat cells lie directly on the cervix.

If you need ideas for a variety of courses, it's best to take inspiration from special books. There are some for almost all parts of Germany. Of course, you can also create your own – with some sort of book of friends for jogging *. By the way, it's also a good gift idea!

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